Wednesday, November 14, 2007


even supermodels have a bad day. a couple months ago, whilst we still lived in montgomery, the whole fam damily went to a circuit city store opening, just for kicks. to commemorate the occasion, circuit city brought in jay novacek and a couple of cowboys cheerleaders to sign autographs and show off their plastic surgery(the cheerleaders, not jay novacek). during the last few months of my pregnancy with scarlett i watched CMT's dallas cowboys cheerleaders reality show late at night to get through the sleeplessness and heartburn. it was only appropriate that i brought her to meet such icons of sports history and pop culture. too bad it just wasn't our night for picture taking. we all look a bit off:

thomas is sooper happy, reagan was afraid of jay novacek, and mr. novacek looked like a greasy redneck. but i would never say that to his face because he was absolutely huge. thomas is 6'3 and jay was more than that.

the cheerleaders were extra cheery, scarlett looks annoyed that there was only silicone coming out of those boobs and i look tired, bedraggled and pale. so it was a typical day for me.

this whole blog everyday is really causing me to scrape the bottom of photo barrel for ideas. can you tell?


Melissa said...

What do you mean scrape the barrel - I'm still entertained!

Thanaglim said...

You are hilarious!

Rachel said...

i like the bottom of the barrel stuff! keep it coming! you could pull out the blue spring south or cordill-mason pics!

Caroline said...

So glad Scarlett got to meet her icons!
You look better than the cheerleaders!

Debbie said...

haha.. this is so funny! and you are just as hot as those cheerleaders! ;-)

Anonymous said...

which ones ARE the cheerleaders?