Tuesday, November 20, 2007

class of '98 rulz

i happened upon these pictures while i was tidying our bookshelves. i can't recall the last time i had seen some of these. i can't believe that my 10 year reunion will be this year. i didn't attend my 5 year reunion, but since i will be living in kansas city, the city of my youth, am i obligated to attend my 10 year?
anywhooo, these pictures painted a grin on my face. they are all from my senior year.

blue springs south prom. i am the dork in the bolero jacket. i actually still have this dress in a box somewhere. my mom convinced me that i would go on lots of dates to dances while at byu and that i would need to take this dress with me. wow, my mom is no psychic. date record for freshman year a whopping 3 dates. and buddy ball at the knight-mangum building doesn't count.

oak grove high school prom. i wasn't too thrilled about the evening as displayed by the great care i took of the photo. white out? mold? tears from sadness for graduating high school? i don't think i mourned that occasion once. i was too cool for school.

my best friend margo and me at graduation. my graduation dress was sleeveless(GASP). that created some drama at my house, but i turned out okay in the end.

the homecoming parade. how in the world i was a queen candidate i will never know. was it someone's cruel joke? was i a "carrie"? if i was, i sure didn't care. i was excited to wear a tiara and ride in a parade. i would still like to do that today! mrs. missouri usa here i come!
go jaguars!


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

The Buddy Ball didn't count?!? Man, that brings my date tally for Freshman year down considerably since I think I went to two or three of those.

And I LOVE that you were on Homecoming court! It makes me smile and think that maybe, just maybe, those kids at BSSH actually had a clue as to how cool and fantastic you are. :-)

"San Dimas High School football rules!"

Valoree said...

Thanks for a flashback of Heidi's life. Love to see old pictures! I was French Club sweetheart one year and got to ride in the Homecoming parade in a yellow convertable beetle!

Anonymous said...

i nominated you.

Barry & Margo Swartz said...

Love the pictures Heidi! My dress was sleeveless at graduation also, come to think of it so was my prom dress! I look so young and short in that picture. I like to think I look a little older now but I'm definitely just as short!