Monday, November 05, 2007

the saddest day of the year

this sad display greeted our garbage man. we are all mourning over the loss of iron mike the jack-o-lantern. at least he went out on top! haha!

mama drama

sometimes you lose in order to win. i'm not sure what brought on this incredible apple juice affection, but we will roll with it if it helps him take a nap.


i spend a ton of time at wal-mart. regardless that their staff is invisible, unhelpful, unintelligible and condescending, they still have the BEST selection and BEST prices. what's a gal to do? anywhooo, on today's particular outing, there was a bit of confusion in the parking lot. i was driving in front of the store when two cars were coming at me. and then someone was honking. i was trying to navigate through this mess without getting hit myself. as i was going along, this old lady with her cart steps out in front of my car. i slow down to let her pass and give her this sheepish smile/wave like, "oh, i didn't see you. sorry about that." i was in the wrong. i can admit that. she then decides that isn't good enough and starts verbally berating to me. i don't think that she thought i would roll down my window to hear her comments. she is going off in a condescending tone about me "not knowing that pedestrians have the right of way, blah, blah, blah." and her voice was even more nasal than mine, if you can believe that. so, i reply to her in my nicest, sweetest voice, "i am apologizing to you for my mistake, i am so sorry." i was actually shocked myself that that was my reply and so was she because she stopped talking and walked away in a huff. i don't think she was expecting that. i really wanted to say, "watch out lady, don't expect everyone to see you when you walk out into traffic." or "are you that lady who wears plastic head scarves and jumbo opthamologist sunglasses and drives 40 mph in the hammer lane of the interstate with her blinker on all the time?" or better still, "they say, don't mess with texas. well, you don't even want to mess with missouri! watch out!" motherhood has definitely made me a more patient person. the end.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

The apple juice photos are classic! You'd think that would be uncomfortable to sleep with, but whatever.

Hey, take some pictures of the inside of your house - give us all the grand tour!

Rachel said...

I love the apple juice pictures! Reagan is so funny, at least he had pants on.
You are right, don't mess with Missouri!!

Meghan said...

It is so good that he loves something that much! Sorry about your walmart parking lot experiance. We had a similar one just last week.

Melissa said...

Oh, Heidi I hear ya! I have such a love/hate relationship with that Walmart. Someone is always rude, it is always crowded, the very last item on my list is alwasy mis-shelved - BUT it is so darn cheap. I was out in Pooler Saturday, and their Walmart is excellent - only it is too far of a drive. So sad.

Valoree said...

Reagan is hilarious! He's always got something "different" going on! Makes for stories and pictures!