Thursday, November 08, 2007


i've said it a million times, i love autumn in the south. this morning at the gym, many people commented on how cold it has gotten. and it has! compared to the 90 degree weather we were experiencing just a few weeks ago, it is downright chilly! this morning it was in the 30s, but today while we enjoyed the park, it was in the high 6os. a lovely day indeed.

wait, what does that sign say?
ALL CITIZENS WALKING AND RIDING BIKES YIELD TO EACH OTHER! what? when was the last time a biker yielded to anyone? bikers think they are bikedestriaobiles. they are the gods of transportation! they trump everybody! but fo' reals yo, i don't actually believe there are any alligators there anymore. they are in hiding. georgia had it's first alligator attack in 30 years a month or so ago about 10 minutes from our house. but we ain't scared. i just consider it an incentive to run faster while jogging at the park. i would love an alligator purse or belt.

autumn in dixie


Rachel said...

What do you think of the book so far?!?

Caroline said...

I can so see you sporting an alligator purse or belt!