Friday, November 16, 2007

rise and shout, the cougars are out!

things i miss about byu:
1-sugar and spice. i loved eating those gigantic shakes for lunch.
2-people watching in the cougareat. the best way to skip a class.
3-summer time. 1/3 of the people on campus but 10 times more fun.
4-byu info. calling them for ridiculous answers and for random people whereabouts was awesome.
5-the first warm day in spring. everyone would layout in the grass and pretend to study. it looked like a war zone with all the bodies on the grass. plus there were always the token frisbee players.
6-hanging out at DT pool. uno, juvenile fiction, trivial pursuit cards and gossip.
7-byu football. i lovelovelove the cougars. and i hatehatehate the utes. can't wait for this year.

8-the hfac. all the weirdo artsy fartsy people walking around singing at the top of their lungs. the best!
9-trudging up the hill by the botany pond and considering it your exercise for the day
10-the letters to the editor on tuesdays and thursdays. each year the same topics were rehashed:
should the university allow caffeine-free coke to advertise?
why are there so many self-righteous people judging me?
why can't men have long hair at the testing center when Christ has long hair?
people that save seats for the devotional are going to hell.
and my all time favorite...girls shouldn't wear the messenger bags across their chests; it is suggestive and makes me have bad thoughts.

go cougars!


Laura said...

Heidi--- you are to funny! I love reading your blog-- it always makes me smile!

Laura said...

I was in the wilk with rob, my dad and about 50 other bYU football fans watching that game--- of man the tension was thick-- and then once harline caught the touchdown, strangers were embracing and screaming. Anyway--- I don't think the commentator sounded partial to one team do you?

Sarah Beck said...

so i have to agree with every point except the sugar and spice comment. i worked there. byu students were so rude to me. they'd yell at me when they'd see me getting set up to open at 9:30 because we didn't sell ice cream at 9:30 am. or some guy one time yelled at me because he finally got through the line to order but he had class on the other side of campus in 2 minutes. ahh....memories.

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Those were some good memories! We'll be up there for the BYU/Utah game this year (was at the game last year for that fabulous play also) and I'm excited already to walk around BYU campus again. :)

Debbie said...

That was an awesome football clip, and I love the letters to the editor topics.. haha

Anonymous said...

those messenger bags ARE scandalous. no argument.