Friday, November 09, 2007

true comediennes are gone with the wind

a few nights ago i was watching a carol burnett special on pbs. if i could do it again, i would become a red-headed comedienne because carol burnett and lucille ball are my two favorites! i love how they both were not afraid to look silly, unattractive or do slapstick comedy. and those women ran their own shows! they just don't have comediennes like that any more. how old do i sound? i better go do some laps at the mall and check my false teeth!
bit o'trivia: both carol burnett and lucille ball have a gone with the wind connection. lucille ball auditioned for the role of scarlett o'hara and carol burnett's funniest clip of all time is about gone with the wind. enjoy this clip! it is lengthy, but worth it!

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Caroline said...

Very Funny!
Love the curtain dress!