Thursday, October 18, 2007

powerade is thicker than water

thomas and i were commenting on sunday night that it had been a while since we had had any medical mishaps. i guess we jinxed ourselves. we really need to get one of the posters that factories have that say, "231 days without any accidents". of course, ours would now say "2 days without any accidents".

i go to the gym every week day. the ymca employees are beginning to know me by name. they anticipate my arrival and know a bit of my routine. now, instead of heidi, they are going to know me as "that girl they had to call the ambulance for." i participated in a spin class monday morning. after the class ended, the instructor and i did some elastic tube exercises. while i was stretching, my vision blurred and i had to lay down in the floor. i thought i was going to barf. and then i couldn't breathe. and then my hands and feet started to tingle and i couldn't move them. the ymca people thought i was having a seizure and they decided to call the paramedics.
the things that i think about during stressful situations are sort of ridiculous. my first thought was, "now i can't drive the kids home!"
and my second thought was, "this really ruins my chances for completing the YMCA football fever fitness challenge."
then came, "a seizure? this isn't so bad. i thought there would be more arm flailing."
and of course, "why is this happening? i thought i was in good shape! we didn't even work out that hard!"
then i thought "oh, exciting! i have never been in an ambulance before!"
and then i thought about my family. i totally freaked out when i thought about reagan and scarlett in the childwatch and i was scared to death to think of reagan seeing me with the paramedics because of his fear of doctors. then i had a panic attack.
the instructor called thomas and the paramedics asked me all sorts of questions and took me outside to the ambulance. they checked my heartrate and all that good stuff and pricked my finger(the worst part!) to check my bloodwhatever levels. by that point thomas had arrived and he was able to wrangle the kids and take care of me. and i wasn't able to ride in the ambulance after all. just another dreamed dashed. i was able to go with thomas, my hero.
it turns out that i had an electrolyte imbalance, followed by shock, followed by a panic attack. apparently i am an anxious person. perhaps you didn't know that. but most likely you did and are laughing right now.
the weirdest part was all of the people that walked by and gawked inside the ambulance door. like some people actually stopped and tried to stick their head in. just random people passing by. and then this one lady stuck her head in and asked if we could move the ambulance because we were blocking her car. for the love of cross stitch people! i could have been dying in there! sorry to ruin your day!
anywhooo, i am fine and all is well. i have been chugging powerade like it is my job and thomas has been the ideal male nurse. powerade tastes like homemade sin, bytheway. i went back to the gym today and barely broke a sweat, just like i was told. and everyone stared, just like i thought they would.

in other news- scarlett is a little rolypoly. she rolled over twice a few weeks ago and then stopped. now it is back on. my little wiggleworm is so advanced!


Emily & Jeremy said...

you are quite the story teller heidi! i'm glad everything is okay and it wasn't anything major. sohw some pictures of the little roly poly

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

WOw! That is quite the adventure. You should talk to Shanna. She had the ambulance called for her after a spin class also! I can't even handle leaving Ellie in my gym's daycare thing yet (It doesn't seem family friendly enough to me).

Thanaglim said...

perhaps you're pushing yourself too hard???

Anonymous said...

Dang girl! That is scary but I understand your thoughts about what about the kids, etc...I would have been thinking the same things!

Rachel said...

Wow Heidi! Did you just do that so you'd have such a great story?! Well I have ridden in an ambulance twice and although it is exciting, it isn't much fun. I am glad that you are alright and happy you have Thomas to rescue you and nurse you back to health!

Sarah Beck said...

All I have to say is....What the ???? When did this happen? Did this happen after I talked to you on the phone, and if it happened before, why didn't you mention it!!!

Caroline said...

Oh Heidi! Bless your heart! HOW SCARY! So, what did they say caused all that? Be careful! I don't think Thomas could handle the kids without you! HAHA! J'K

Sean & Lauren said...

I'm glad that you are ok! Hope you all are doing well!

Sean & Lauren said...

I'm glad you're ok! Hope you all are doing well.

Debbie said...

I guess you better stay well-hydrated while you're working out from now on ;-) Glad everything is okay.. seems like you always have some drama going on.. go figure!

I can't believe the paramedics parked the ambulance so they were blocking that lady in! What were they thinking?!

Elizabeth said...

I rode in an ambulance once. Not very exciting though. In fact, it kinda makes you claustrophobic even if you aren't. And it smells weird. The ENT's usually are worth it though. But dang, it's expensive to ride in those things.
Yay for Thomas the hero! I am glad you are okay!!

Shanna said...

Ok so I haven't been very good at keeping up on blogs lately and I just read your post ... WOW. I am soooo sorry that happened to you. and I know all about it. I know the crazy looks people will give you and the embarrassment of it happening then, and reliving it every time you go back. Don't worry, after a few months people will stop asking you if you are ok. I didn't have a seizure, but I did pass out after a spin class once. Luckily, I had already unclipped from the pedals or I would have been mangled over very un-ladylike on the bike. But lucky for me, I fell right in between two bikes, right onto the cement floor. Everyone said they heard my head hit the ground. Yeah, I had a concussion and it hurt for awhile. I also was able to spend almost the entire day in the hospital with my spin teacher (yeah she came with me!) and the really hot pediatrician who was checking me out (in the medical sense, that is). Oh and don't worry that I was wearing spandex the whole time too! ha ha ... yeah they put me in a neck brace (the kids size one that said 'neckless') and carried me out through the gym on the stretcher to the ambulance waiting outside. It was quite the dramatic experience!! I'm glad you survived :) Anything since then??