Tuesday, June 04, 2013

date night

This was our date night last night:
We are surprising Scarlett with new bedroom decor for her birthday. I like to take a need and pretend it's a want. She's been pretty clear that she wants an American Girl doll for her birthday but she needs new paint and a new bedspread so we're rolling with that. All I've told her  is that she gets to pick a new paint color, hence the pepto bismol pink. I prefer gray and white, so I'm feeling rather magnanimous in my gesture of allowing her to pick. 
Thomas and I finished up painting about 1130 last night. Anything can be a date night with thomas. I just like talking to him with zero distraction and zero interference. However, we have the painting skills of two tall kindergarteners. And we have the entertainment level of two middle schoolers. After we finished painting, we watched ring of honor wrestling on local access cable. It's about 3 steps below WWE and we love it. 


Emily Curfew said...

i am same way with turning "wants" into "needs". and funny that i never thought i'd give into a daughter's pink obsession, but i kinda do. i want to paint the guestroom in the basement pink for pearce since she's been sleeping down there while we (unsuccessfully) let Henry cry it out in the nursery/shared room upstairs.

i'm excited to see Scarlette's finished room!! what's the timeline??

Jess said...

I remember y'all helping us paint those chairs of ours many, many years ago!