Sunday, June 30, 2013

scarlett and the weekend of weird smiles

scarlett's birthday extravaganza!!! one of these days we will have really low key birthdays. not even birthday weeks or birthday weekends. just singular birth days. but not this year.
scarlett asked me last sunday if wearing these "high heels" made her look like she was already 6. so mature.

scarlett's big deal for her birthday was a redecorated bedroom. 

being 6 means ridiculous faces.

I thought she may have not of been too excited about her new room after all because she had been so quiet that morning. A bit later I went to check on her and I discovered her in a princess dress up and her tiara sitting at her desk. She calls her room, "my new princess room". 

her big surprise from both her grandmother's was an american girl doll. there is nothing i can do to compete with that. She peruses the catalogs for months on end and has begged for one for so long. I tend to shun babydolls because she already has so many but I really think this made all her dreams come true. Plus, I really like that she still wants to play with babydolls. I'm glad she doesn't want to grow up too fast. 

again, more weird 6 year old faces.

saturday was a neighborhood swim meet/birthday party/then crash on your couch from exhaustion extravaganza
Scarlett and Reagan both love the pool but they really only like to compete against each other. If this had been a sibling rivalry meet there probably would have been blood drawn in the pool. 

Scarlett asked for an all-girls mermaid unicorn pool party. I delivered. 
i channeled my elementary school drawing abilities and crafted this for pin the fin on the mermaid:
feel free to pin it on pinterest. thomas colored the ocean parts.

typical reagan. making himself comfortable at the snack table.

no swear words on the cake this year as scarlett and all her little friends can now read.

Our traditional piƱata full of melted candy filled the unicorn half of the birthday party theme request. 

how i felt at the end of the party:

Later that night, we had dinner at our 2nd favorite mexican place with thomas' mother. She surprised the kids the night before by showing up on our doorstep. She actually surprises them everytime she visits and it's great everytime. Plus, I don't have to listen to them ask every 7 minutes about when Mimi is coming. Surprising our kids is the way to go. 

 the servers at the restaurant all singing to scarlett really freaked her out for some reason. hence, another weird 6 year old smile.

babies having babies.(that's always funny, bytheway.) 

scarlett at age 6:
you can't help but buy scarlett things. she is so enthusiastic and loves everything. she even loves to swing by goodwill and see what wares they are peddling. She's a great thrifting buddy, except she always wants to rescue ratty, lice infested stuffed animals. I'm running out of excuses as to why they can't come home with us. 

Scarlett's incorrect pronunciations that i should probably correct but i won't. they are just that cute. 
trader joes pronounced traitor joes. It sounds like a threat. 
zucchini instead of bikini
she's sometimes will get a "sorecold" in her mouth
Often daddy will be in the yard pushing the "mowlawn". 
still calls her school by the name of it's fall carnival, pandapalooza elementary
YMUSA instead of YMCA
dairy queen blizzard is actually a dairy queen blistard
calls the couch pillows the couch tushes
she wanted to listen to justin "beaver" sing and when the song was over she asked, "why didn't he sing? i only heard a girl sing."

i like her. the end.


Lindsey said...

Justin Beaver sounding like a girl = priceless!! Love this!

HJolley said...

What a great post. I just love that Scarlett. I wish I could figure out how to get the videos from my phone to my computer because I have the amazing Scarlett video ever. I will try to get smarter.