Wednesday, June 26, 2013

that one time my house was mostly sorta clean

recently i had a 2 hour period where the whole house(excepting the pit of despair that is the garage) was mostly, almost, pretty close to clean. i know! i thought it was the apocalypse too!!! since we've lived here almost 2 years this august, here is the long awaited house tour that no one has been begging me for!

the library. christened this by the big kids because this is "where the books are". makes sense enough to me. i would call it the "puzzle pieces with the tabs ripped off room" or the "broken crayons shoved under the bookshelves room"  or most likely "where old cd cases go to die room" for reasons unknown to them.

and the other side of the room. i really want to get this deskset for in front of the window for afterschool homeschool time(sounds so much more fun than homework time!).

the entry way or the police forensic fingerprint collector's dream. paint like chalk so everything shows up! especially if you've got a kid who sneaks cheetos and then slinks away up these stairs. my dream if i lived alone would be to paint every wall white and then have large colorful artwork everywhere. 

thomas' home office:

scarlett's almost ready room. more pics of the final product after this weekend!

our master bedroom, which is oddly enough, the smallest master bedroom we've had since law school, but best neighborhood. ironic, don't you think?

would it be weird to have this gigantic picture of us hanging over the bed? how about 2 gigantic pictures hanging over the bed? what if i finally broke down and got a headboard? i found a lady who upholsters them in any style you like and i got one for scarlett, but for me(and i guess thomas since we are bunkmates), i'm having a hard time committing. 

looking down into our living room. thomas had me order curtains specifically to counteract all this beautiful natural light during football season. 

reagan's room. he wants me to paint it green.

dining room:

our table has been covered for the last few months with a gallery wall in progress. i've been trying to located important family pictures for a while and it's not an easy task.

my 1997 dream kitchen complete with blue countertops and hunter green flooring. every tornado that passes through, i pray that it will destroy just the kitchen.

i love this breakfast nook, it only need about 10 extra feet to make it workable. and a pantry about 5 times the size. someday....

i forgot to take pictures of blythe's room. 

the end


Emily Curfew said...

you crack me up so hard!!! loved all the commentary. as usual. (i really liked the cover the windows for football season comment the best.)

what a delightful surprise to share your home with us! i've always been curious- and I HAVE asked! but you replied its always dirty so you only take pics of rooms that are semi clean.

i think my very favorite part (and i have lots) are the gorgeous big light filled windows overlooking mature beautiful leafy trees. that would have sold me in a second on the house. and also you have such great use/purpose for each of your rooms. and thomas has his very own office to boot?!?! love your library/"homework" room. so functional AND lovely. perfect shade of gray, and i've always loved that rug. me and you both need to make a pack to commit to doing a headboard THIS YEAR!! OK??? it's been on my list as long as we've been married. lets do it!!
i can't wait to see scarlett's completed room. please share soon!! and when you said green for reagan's room, i immediately thought dark. like hunter/forest green. (you could always tell him [and thomas] it's football field green). what are you thinking?

Jessica said...

Hahahaha. That last shot is hilarious. Love the house tour. And loved your 1997 dream kitchen comment. Your family room looks awesome. All the windows and light and space. Can't wait to see Scarlett's finished room!

HJolley said...

I love this house. It has a great amount of rooms, and you have decorated it so well. Also, I love your neighborhood! Great for running. And while I love everything about the house, my fave part is the backyard. They just don't make houses with great backyards anymore.

You also forgot to include a picture of your arch nemesis,the garage door. I know it's secretly your fave part of the house.

Ashley said...

Wow...with the number of rooms. My favorite part is the two corner windows in your master bedroom. Beautiful lighting in that house.

Marilee said...

gorgeous i love your style, very much like mine. and i totally get the semi clean house, i don't even blink over the trail of stuff in our house and know that when i finally get or dream home it will be clean since the kids will be teenagers and hardly there. so i try to appreciate the clutter since it shows we live and love here, and might also so crazy here, depending on the day!

and the last photo, priceless!