Sunday, May 26, 2013


sisters! sisters! there were never such devoted sisters!
my darling sister came and visited me. it was the BEST WEEK. 
she played with my kids. she cleaned. she played music. she wore the sequin blouse. 

the babies became fast friends. for about a week afterward blythe was so lonely for cousin june. they were best cousins. 

they played. they crawled. they ate crackers off the floor. 

the best thing about heather is that she's up for anything. we made a weekly schedule and listed all the things we had to do and what we wanted to do. we even got lofty and wrote down a few craft projects that we didn't even get close to starting. because we don't even LIKE crafts! we went running together. we made fun of  people from our childhood. we figured out what is wrong with everyone but us. 

this baby likes pushing her own buggy.

 heather feeding june food that she already chewed up. mama bird to baby bird. (not really)

and as much fun as the twin cousins had together, there sure was lots of screaming.

and we ATE! take that myfitnesspal!!! the amount of calories consumed would make that app explode. 

grilled pimento cheese and broccoli salad. and whatever heather had.

the best thing i've ever made:
crownies. brownies with cookies baked on top with milk chocolate chips, m&ms and peanut butter m&ms.

and the worst thing i've ever made:
this was the hottest, most spiciest chicken breading ever. heather choked down 4 bites so that she wouldn't hurt my feelings. i got two bites in and one big bites of fried breading and i about died. we didn't recover for a full 24 hours.

and random tidbits and quotables:

heather's active bowel

artisphere. probably the most work for so little fun. too many kids, too few parents.

i actually can't remember what was happening here:

post running baby breakfast

controlled chaos:

things that will only make sense to heather and me:

heather- "weird, weird, no one likes, jorts. the end.

heather- "do you remember the time mom ate david's thrown up peppperoni?"

heidi- "voop"

reagan- "Pig, i mean, Mom?"

heidi- "gene haynes"

scarlett- "do you choose the devil or do you choose God? i choose God."

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HJolley said...

I choose God too! Thanks for the best week ever! I miss you guys, I mean pigs. (That's an inside joke for those of you who read this and think I am awful.)

Let's meet at the beach! How is that spelled again?