Sunday, May 05, 2013

ye olde garage sale

a large part of being a parent is doing things that you really don't want to do, but since everything sounds fun to kids and nothing sounds fun to a mom who will be doing the majority of the work, we end up appeasing kids so they can have good memories and we can clean out our goodwill boxes. for example, having a garage sale. it's a parental rite of passage. the kids have been begging to have one but they haven't really wanted to give up any of their junk, so our garage sale was mostly 5 years worth of goodwill clothing. cleaning out the goodwill box is a really great exercise to remind you 1. to not shop impulsively, 2. to not buy something simply because it is on the clearance rack and 3. to never expect your hips to be the same after having a baby because you will be sorely disappointed. that pretty much puts all those items of clothing that meet those criteria on the chopping block. finally, i recall when my family had a garage sale when i was about 11, i calculated that i would make a whopping $80 with how strategically i had priced my items for the sale(because, who wouldn't want my stuff???). imagine my disappointment when i made only a paltry $3. so, that was a deterrent. nevertheless, i made a new goal of making enough to pay a babysitter for date night and having loads of fun with the kids and i plunged forward into garage sale oblivion.

1. prep

2. finished product(i knew all that time doing merchandising at the BYU bookstore would FINALLY come in handy.)

3. my unhelpful helper

4. scarlett is a born salesperson. every person that wandered down our driveway was greeted with, "COME  BUY SOME COOKIES AND BROWNIES FROM ME!" and it worked because she sold out rather fast.

5. i did tear up a few time having to part with blythe's baby clothes. 

6.i naturally had major issues parting with much of my clothing even though much of it had been in my goodwill box for so long. i just hate wasting money and i always try and convince myself that maybe i can revive some of my bad decision or unloved clothing and love it again. 

7. capitalism at it's best.
*none of it was marked otherwise. being married to a lawyer, i felt like i had to add that caveat for safe keeping.

final tally, $71. not bad. and then i dumped the rest at goodwill that afternoon. 
the end. 


Emily Curfew said...

71 bucks!! thats a nice date night! enjoy

Jessica said...

i can't even TELL you how much i hate doing a garage sale. the kids coerced me into doing one before we moved last time around and it was the biggest bust ever. i think we made more money from their bake sale than from actual goods sold. congrats on your $71!!!!

HJolley said...

I had a garage sale when we were kids and no one came and we made $0000000.0000.

Good job having a successful one! haha