Tuesday, April 30, 2013

april showers make your yard muddy

april recap plus 3 videos!!!

 word to the wise. don't have the first day of spring break be the same day grandma sandy leaves after her visit. reagan spent a lot of time in the garage trying to decide how to follow her back to missouri.

blythe enjoyed going up and down this big step:

 i tried to do some sort of project on each day of spring break:


garage saling
i bought these ugly vases. they are unexplainable. they are hideous but delightful. scarlett stuffed them full of cookies as soon as we got home.

shaving cream painting

dealing with sickies. this was a less fun project. we had a barfing triumverate. (that dark shadow is drool. i loved it.)

climbing in the dishwasher

austim awareness month. we went to the south carolina upstate walk for autism.
boggin' for autism. i could say that all day. BAWGIN for austim. try to add as many syllables as you can. 

reagan "the boy who does magic" got to show a magician a thing or two

and thomas is never without his legal pad

last week i locked the baby in the car at the ymca. it was AWESOME, any way you look at it! police, firetruck, passersby. and then thomas saved us. 

i had an especially ghetto moment this week. blythe is exclusively drinking whole milk these days and i spent one day on the road for several hours and i didn't have an ice pack or an insulated milk storage bag, so i rummaged around for an old lunch box and a couple of bags of frozen peas. my pioneer name is macgyver.

scarlett lost her first tooth. it was ridiculous. nothing subtle about that child. 

scarlett had her ymca ballet recital. it was the cutest thing ever. 

she's pretty hotsnot.

what else? this baby likes fake walking.

and i like taking pictures of her doing things that most babies do but she does better.

like push this rocket around. perfect technique.

i love this time of year because i can keep putting off getting curtains in my kitchen. there is so much leafy tree cover that delightful sunlight filters in but it's still shady and cool. 

final baby cuteness

and this is gross and funny. a conversation that happened to get recorded while i was recording that cute baby. dumb dog got scared in a rainstorm. reagan watched this about 34254 times. he thought it was hilarious.


Lindsey said...

Don't poop on the carpet! Best part. Cute post!

HJolley said...

Cute everything. I thought that the shaving cream painting was an especially good idea. You will have to teach me your tricks.

Angie said...

Oh Heidi. I wish we lived closer. Our kids would love to play together. Ella is always upset when Grandma Pam leaves too.

Jess said...