Monday, April 29, 2013

me at 33

i'm 33. and i'm excited! 3 is my favorite number and i get to have two of them!

my birthday date dinner one week early. shrimp and grits with cream cheese grits. and it was awesome. and then we watched the new tom cruise movie, oblivion, and it wasn't terrible and i only slept through 10 crucial movie minutes. maybe if i'm good, next year i'll get to pick my birthday movie. (it's a joke. who wouldn't want to watch tom cruise? there are 3 of us in this marriage. thomas, me and tom cruise. 4 if you count tom cruise's ego.)

showing off my birthday wares.

thomas was going to be out of town for my actual birthday. i was going to be okay with it. the bright side is that at least i wouldn't have to cook a real meal for 5 whole days. and then he spoiled it by surprising me and coming home late saturday night, 2 days early. plus, he brought a cake. i guess i don't mind cooking actual meals that involve more than scramblings eggs if that means he is home with me. 

too bad i pretty much looked like this when he got home because i was lounging on the couch reading regency novels in my worst clorox stained sweats. because that is the 2nd best way to spend my birthday.

the 1st best way to spend my birthday is beating these monsters back from blowing out MY candles on MY cake. 

and eating food someone else prepared. i'd eat cow tongue if it meant someone else had prepared it. i think my grandma bonnie would too. 

a special birthday treat::
heidi at 13. so chic. so sophisticated. reagan LOVES to watch home videos and he thinks heidi at 13 is really special. 

can you find all 5 beck kids in this photo?
i do not recall why i am holding a bag of garbage. it's obviously some sort of early 90s teen angst statement. 


Emily Curfew said...

heidi, you crack me up sooo bad!! that photo of you on your bday with hair in face made me laugh out loud!! your expression tell such a funny story.

love you to pieces girl!!! and here's to the 3-3!!!

Jessica said...

happy birthday!!!!! 3 is my favorite number, too. i can't decide if my favorite picture is heidi at 13 or regency lounging heidi. they are both framers for sure. hahahaha.

Lindsey said...

Um great pic at the end! Happy Birthday!