Saturday, April 27, 2013

everyone needs an easy baby

psalm 127:3
children are an heritage of the Lord. 

so, my little stinkerbum is one. i wish i could remember more of this past year but since it was also pretty much the craziest year ever i'll just have to settle for remembering that whatever happened, i liked lots of it. mostly because i really like my kids. and like in true heidi fashion,  i'll happily repress all the hard memories and eat a few dozen handfuls of chocolate chips instead of actually dealing with my problems. 

poor little 3rd child didn't get the birthday blowout for her 1st birthday like the older kids. she barely got a cake. and i still haven't gotten her a single present. she hasn't complained about it yet. 

but her presence has been glorious and calming amid all the chaos. 

 though, she has earned the title of most difficult diaper change at the YMCA childwatch. 

and she has a tendency to bite me on my neck. trendy vampire baby.

and it is physically impossible for her to eat quietly. baby enjoys her food.


Julianne said...

What a pretty little baby. Your title "everyone needs an easy baby" is so very true. Our 3rd, Joe, is just about as nice as they come. Makes you just love them so much.

I sure loved seeing your madre last weekend. And I wish all you Becks would have been there, waa.

Ashley said...

Beautiful! I guess I should count on having 3 if I want to experience the "easy"? Don't get me wrong, Bri is great in a lot of ways in her toddlerhood. As a baby? Not so much.