Saturday, May 11, 2013

the best mother's day gift ever amen

i happened upon the best mother's day gift ever. i had just returned home from taking my sister to the airport and i walked into the front hallway and noticed that my vacuum and floor shark were pulled out of the closet. i was about to be annoyed at the children when i noticed who the real culprit was.

my dearest love, thomas, was deep cleaning the front staircase. he looked at me and said, "happy mother's day". there is no better gift than service. for the past month he hasn't been getting home from work until around 11 o'clock at night and he chose to spend a good chunk of his precious saturday doing this for me. he could have bought me pretty much anything under the sun and it wouldn't have meant as much as this gift of cleaning. he just gets me. i especially hate and despise cleaning the stairs. until today, i had forgotten that the carpet could be so clean. 

so handsome. look how he handles that shark like he was born doing it. i'll add carpet cleaning extraordinaire to his lengthy resume of home economical skills, right next to master cookie sheet scrubber(so that all the baked on non-stick spray comes off) and the ultimate curtain rod hanger. 

happy mother's day to me.


Jessica said...

nice! i love it when anyone cleans for me. happy mother's day!

Jess said...

Love it!

Tom Hewston said...

Post is preaty good….beautiful fotos...I like them very much...Thank's author for that:)