Thursday, July 01, 2010

upchuck e cheese

scarlett has few fears in this world. but there is one thing in particular that puts her in a state.

charles e fromage:

better known as chuck e cheese.

yesterday for lunch we dined with friends at his establishment. i knew scarlett was wary of mr. cheese after his appearance at reagan's birthday party, but i had hope her fears had subsided. the wheels started to fall off the wagon after scarlett spied the chuck e cheese robot that graces the dining area. poor thing could hardly eat. the piece de resistance was when chuck started strolling about, greeting happy patrons. i couldn't get scarlett out of there quick enough. panic set in accompanied by screaming, crying and uncontrollable shaking. we tried to make a quick getaway, but i think the sadistic mr. cheese had it in for us. everywhere i turned, there he was. i'm sure it was a sight to behold because my friend amanda grabbed my camera and started snapping away. i was laughing so hard i was crying and i could hardly see. i'm sure i stepped on more than a few kids in my haste.

*please note my friend tab laughing hysterically at my ordeal.*

she was shaking so badly that i could hardly hold her and she was starting to pull down my pants with her knees.

finally he had us cornered and we just stared each other down until he figured out that we didn't want to hug him. that's what you get when you have a rat as your mascot.

scarlett immediately wet her pants upon getting in the car.


Lindsey said...

This is the funniest post ever. The last line just threw it all together so nicely. Poor girl!!!

HJolley said...

great post.

loves scarlett's boots.

Elizabeth said...

Poor thing...I used to babysit a girl who was a little scared of him, but not nearly that bad...

Nicole said...

Omgosh, so sad! But HILARIOUS.

Jessica said...

Ii have a sister who was truly that scared of ANY costumed character until middle school. I'm forwarding her this post. She'll sympathize with poor Scarlett.

Steph and Glen said...

poor scarlett! this makes me sad because i know if teagan was in this situation i'd probably be crying with him...gosh i'm such a wus! hope her fears subside soon!