Thursday, July 29, 2010

delicious between buns

what to do when someone else is doing your packing and moving.

1. wake up earlyish, because it feels a bit like christmas morning.

2. strap on your trusty apron. you can't be seen without it. it gives an air of authority.

3. welcome the packers and give plenty of instructions like you were born to do. it helps if you act like your stuff is WAY more important than it really is. heirlooms bought way back in '03.

4. be available for any packer questions. (read a magazine.)

5. entertain your chillens. (southern for children.)

6. scrub a tub or two. because you are starting to feel a touch unproductive.

7. cheer when they are finished packing the house by noon.

8. load up the whole fam damily for an afternoon of adventure.

9. eat at chik-fil-a. watch the poor teenage employees clean the child play area with a big scrub brush and plastic gloves.

10. guess which body fluid was excreted in the play area and by which child in the chik-fil-a dining room.

11. ride the carousel at the mall. squeal with delight.

12. go see despicable me at the local theater. enjoy it thoroughly, but notice that some of gru's parenting tendencies are things you also do on a regular basis.

13. resolve to no longer parent like an animated super villain.

14. go home. eat cheap pizza. anticipate the fun in store tomorrow when the moving van arrives.

*delicious between buns. a sign at the barbeque restaurant/shack that was just down the road from our house in alabama. i saw it everyday. it's more than advertising, it's a mantra for living.*


The Stimpson Family said...

aren't movers great!!! Glad to see things are going well. Good luck with the move and unpacking!

Becca said...

number 1. scarlett. do i win?? (isn't potty training grand? i'm still on high heaven that james has decided to give it a go!)