Sunday, July 25, 2010

red, black and 34

a while back, i asked my sister what she liked the most about being married.
she replied, "it's so nice to be around someone so loving and kind and nice all the time!"
and i replied, "i agree!"
and then i thought about it, "too bad our husbands got the short end of that stick!"

thomas turned 34 on friday. it was his herschel walker birthday. i tried to pack as much georgia football and red and black into one day.

thomas was pretty specific about his cake. and then pooblix had that GALL to mess up the order and frost the cake with whipped icing, instead of buttercream. whipped frosting is of the devil. whenever thomas and i are in public and there is a cake offering, one of us will do reconnaissance on the cake toppings and send back secret hand signals about cake worthiness. and for his very special cake to have whipped frosting??? it was a travesty, a sham, and a mockery. a travashamockery! (we still ate plenty. but with frowns and much murmuring.)

herschel walker has 2% body fat and is a 5th degree black belt. i'm sure my body fat % also has a 2 in it somewhere. and i own way more than 5 black belts. at one time i also owned almost 60 pairs of shoes. take that herschel.

almost like an album cover for our family band.

for some reason, i am the only one in the family who gets excited about gifts full of clothes. the kids even helped me wrap the clothes and they were disappointed when the packages were opened.

34: hotter than a $2 pistol.


The High Family- said...

You are such a good wife! His birthday looked like a blast. Totally agree with the frosting preference! Though not one to turn down cake under any circumstances.

Becca said...

I often feel like Jon got the short end of the stick too.

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday to Thomas!!

I canNOT believe how grown up (and super cute) both Reagan and Scarlett look in that picture where they and Thomas are behind the cake. Growing up SO fast!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

HJolley said...

Thomas is the funniest person I know. I'm so glad he's in our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

santia said...

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