Saturday, July 17, 2010

the fun in funeral

great times were had by all. being in kansas city with my whole family for my dad's funeral was wonderful. i enjoyed the trip immensely. how wonderful to be with my family to celebrate my dad's life! the viewing alone lasted for nearly 5 hours. and i wore heels! i cried plenty, but not about being on my feet that long. but it was more tears of comfort and less tears of sorrow. relief and comfort and humor. my dad would have wanted humor. the outpouring of love from so many people was incredible. i know my entire family was truly touched. and it made me want to record more and more of my little family's life. these memories are too important.

things i want to remember:

1. crushing uncle bonecrusher.

2. best cousins.

3. listening in on conversations between my grandmother and my mother and her siblings about growing up together.

4. baseballing:

5. wonderful friends and family and friends who are practically family, some of whom drove more than 20 hours to be with us.

6. hamming it up with the hams.

7. conversing with sarah. how do i have no pictures of this. and steve, where are you in all my pictures? were you even there?

8. secretly hiding the "secret object" in heather's luggage. she found it once, but i don't think she found it the second time. hopefully it made it back to vegas.

9. spooning in the hotel.

10. funsters who entertained our kids when i sure as heck didn't feel like it.

11. the special musical numbers at the funeral. nothing touches my heart more than musical numbers. especially songs sung by the full-time missionaries of the missouri independence mission.

12. the flex. how i loved the flex we rented. one day we will be together again, flex. just you and me. and the XM radio. you truly were wonderful. i'm a believer now.


The Stimpson Family said...

I just love you and your family! I felt so sorry for myself that I couldn't be there!! Oh, how I wish I could have made it. I am glad that everything went well. I have heard nothing but wonderful things from my parents and sisters about all the happenings that weekend. Your family means so much to ours and I am so grateful for all my wonderful memories of your family, and also your wonderful dad. Love you, Heidi!!

amanda said...

I love you!

Leigh Collins said...

Heidi, I am so so sorry to hear about your dad! I know how special he was to you. He fought a long hard fight! We wanted to send you something when I first found out, but since I can't seem to keep up with where you are living these days to know what address to send it to, I finally decided to post this non-sensitive comment - not very "southernly" I know! But at least I wanted you to know that we had thinking about you and your family and praying for you! Love you girl!

Laura Weight said...

I think it is amazing how many peoples lives your dad and mom have touched. You guys are really an amazing family. We are thinking about you guys lots!Glad that you all could be there!

Paula said...

Since my Altima will be too small whenever baby #3 comes around (as of now it won't be for a couple of years) Logan and I have started looking at bigger cars. You know my driving skills and I can't drive a big SUV and a mini-van would be pushing it. My friend told me about an article in Parents magazine that reviewed family friendly non- mini-van cars. The Flex and Chevy Traverse were two that both Logan and I liked. Sooo long comment short, I have heard good things about the Flex. What did you like about it?

The Buckwalter Four said...

You know I love ya Heidi! ;) Wow - I haven't stopped thinking about all of you wonderful Becks. We (I'm speaking for myself & the entire Clay Family) feel so lucky to be friends of the Becks and so honored to have known your delightful-happy-smiling father. How truly blessed is anyone that knew that man. Such an incredibly heart-warming trip & I haven't stopped thinking about it. I am so grateful we could attend - oh & I totally agree 100% on the missionaries - wished we had a recording for heaven sakes! Who knew missionaries could sing so fantastically? - Not I! ;) Only wish we could have spent more time wif all y'all while we were all in 1 spot. ... Now if ONLY I could update my blog. Hmmmm ....

The Buckwalter Four said...

And Ummmm ... why does it look like my 4 1/2 year old is nursing? NO PEOPLE!