Wednesday, June 30, 2010

good things come in threes

1. WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! rather convenient considering we are about to embark on another move. i never lost faith. i knew it would happen.

2. scarlett turned 3!

i was lazy about the cake this year. i would have held the party at costco if i could have. i'll keep that in mind when i am planning scarlett's wedding. plenty of parking. lots of food. everyone loves costco pizza. ample bathrooms and toilet paper and bulk cocktail olives.

family germ sharing(whose idea was it to breathe all over a birthday cake before you serve it to guests???):

opening presents in her fave pajamas. they were also reagan's faves about 2 years ago.

random adorableness during the evening present opening:

and her actual day of birth was spent in fun-gomery, her actual town of birth.
ps- jim n' nick's bbq has incredible lemon icebox pie. WOW. being in public is the only thing that kept me from licking the plate.

i don't think i have ever loved anything this much:

3. i went to the midnight showing of eclipse. because i love functioning on 3 hours of sleep. my parent skillz are heightened when given the challenge of staying up all night. who wouldn't want to be around me? nerves of steel.
it was an extra special event because i was wearing my "nicest" workout pants.
and a few thoughts occured to me whilst watching this movie;
a- is the twilight saga the unspoken language of friendship? is this the first thing i need to mention when i move to south carolina in order to make friends? this had better attendance than a relief society meeting.
b- how can a movie be so terrible yet be so enjoyable? the movie was awful, but the least awful of the three. don't shoot me for saying that. and i CAN'T WAIT for the next one to come out. i was the first person to squeal at the screen. plus, they cut out most of bella's confused-whining-helpless-edward-obsessivness of the book. but i know the teenager on the other side of me did not appreciate me laughing the whole time. but it was hilarious. best comedy of the year! where can i get my commemorative cup?
c- get enough women together in one room and the conversation will inevitably turn to bodily functions; illnesses, trips to cancun(me), giving birth, embarassing moments. perhaps gatrointestinal function(or disfunction) is the true language of friendship?


Elizabeth said...

I liked it! I actually thought Robert Pattinson looked way more attractive in this movie than the last 2...

Our movie started at 12:25am...I am sooooo beat!

Emily Curfew said...

scarlett looks like a true character! just like her mom!! i bet the two of you together are hilarious! i'll call you tomorrow.

HJolley said...

you even pull sweats off well.

whenever i think of scarlett, i think of scout from to kill a mockingbird. no fear at all. love it.

Carie said...

I love the pic of you and Scarlett on the bed. Happy bday Scarlett.

Have not seen Eclipse yet, as I just got home from Girl's Camp.