Wednesday, June 23, 2010

did i mention it is hot?

reagan has been playing on his first baseball team this summer. it's really hard to enjoy sports when it is a gazillion degrees and a bajillion percent humidity. last night it was 95 at 530. but we try and make do. as long as no one touches me with her sweaty little hands and she stays on her side of the blanket we are fine.

(just scratching that baseball itch)

and sports in the south are intense. i thought reagan would start out on a t-ball team since he just turned 5. but he's on an actual team with cleats and bat bags and batting helmets and the whole nine yards. i was thinking more along the lines of everyone runs around in a jersey and sometimes we sing songs and we all get orange slices. parents included. coach's pitch starts at 5. hitting off the T is for babies still in the womb. or if you whiff on 5 pitches.
but we had a magical night last night. not only did reagan get a base hit from an actual pitch but he received the game ball.

and our sweaty sister:

and the sweaty mom:

did i mention it is hot?


Jessica said...

it is SOOOOO hot. hot enough that it makes you feel like you want to throw up. and i think st. louis feels like its going to be hotter than cincinnati, so that's awesome. good for you for being a sports supporter in this weather. i don't think i could do it!

amrocks! said...

wedding pics-available. :) well, a few. i seeme to have lost the rest in the mass amount of CRAP still waiting to be unpacked...

as for hot. let me just tell you-it was 85 degrees BEFORE my 9:00 sealing and 95 AFTER. i had sweat running down my body in places i didn't even know it could!

got to love summer in the south!