Sunday, June 06, 2010

snapshots from a midwestern adventure

kansas city visit travelogue:
busy caloric humorous

things that make kansas city home to me or things i never want to forget:
a memorial day eve visit to my favorite cemetary of all time, mount moriah. creepy and peaceful.

plastic ball game cups from royals games of yesteryear. always available at grandma sandy's house. becks are the biggest supporters of losing teams and we proudly carry home our souvenir cups. and scarlett took every opportunity to get as sweaty and filthy as possible. all while wearing reagan's underwear. it was that kind of week.
cookies in the deep freezer. food filched from other places and then frozen for later consumption. our version of food storage.

mass quantities of ice cream. and more boxes in the deep freezer. plus ice cream pie. and fresh brownies. always.

laughing at ourselves via home videos or photo albums. in this case it was heather's wedding photos. nothing is sacred.

scenic northern arkansas

ryan's in west plains missouri- i've never thought very highly of ryan's buffet and after visiting ryan's for the last time in my life i didn't think it was possible to think more lowly of an eating establishment. how do you mess up lettuce? and i'm pretty sure they didn't own a mop. here or the wendy's. someone alert the county.

a few choice anonymous quotes from the trip:

"who would want a bag of prescription painkillers?" after someone related to me misplaced a briefcase full of drugs

"heather, how's your drinking problem?"


Julianne said...

Those pictures of you guys looking at pictures makes me so happy.

bec04019 said...

Heidi-I just thought I'd remind you of a couple Beck rules that could help you deduce where those cups actually came from.
Rule 132.3-Guidelines and etiquette for sporting event attendance:
a. Never buy anything. Ever.
b. After the game, go around and collect all the cups that have been left behind by strangers and take them home and wash out the alcohol smell or tobacco juices and pretend like they are as good as new.

Give the kids hugs for me. And a Hepatitis B vaccination.

bec04019 said...

This is your brother Mark by the way.

The High Family- said...

Oh how I love your family. So sad you aren't in Mo. anymore. We are finally going back after 2 years at the end of the month. Pics of you and Heather are hilarious!

Chez Nous said...

Just catching up on your blog Heidi. I had no idea ya'll were back in Bama. Hope you're enjoying the heat and humidity once again. Maybe we'll see you around before we head off to the great white north aka Wisconsin.