Monday, May 24, 2010

hello nastykins

big day, saturday!
family swimming at the YMCA!
chik-fil-a for lunch at the food court at the mall!
the library!
running around town like an unwashed mess!
all in the name of celebrating potty training!
it was 2 year old heaven!
as our last ditch effort/reward to hammer down the final nail on the potty training coffin, we started pulling out the big stops, promising all sorts of things to help scarlett realize that potty training was here to stay. i'm not ashamed at my ploys, they totally worked. we are an accident free zone. and nothing could be nicer. scarlett has a list of things she wanted and we promised them all. except for the icee at the gas station. next time, my dear.
at build-a-bear, she picked out the cheapest bear available and i couldn't have been prouder! i was most relieved that she overlooked the talking jonas brothers bears that the two girls in front of us selected. she named her bear, flip flop, and the accessories she chose were lots of pink ear bows and a set of diapers. but most of all she likes the "bear house box" that he/she came home in. she still hasn't decided his/her gender, which makes the name flip flop even more perfect.

scarlett "putting the guts in the bear", a direct quote. you can't teach that kind of verbal eloquence. it's innate.

for reals, build-a-bear is a little place i like to call terrible. i despise the place. i dislike stuffed animals(ruffy is REAL! i promise you!) and i especially have disdain for over-priced parent traps. i know, it's a personal problem. there is nothing wrong with build-a-bear. i'm the debbie downer. i'm a big fan of capitalism and build-a-bear is making a killing and i should applaud their(nauseating) efforts.
the unwashed masses. HELLOOO NASTYKINS! we were a parade of pool water, sweat, sunblock and snarly hair. do you see that man trying to shoo us away without besmirching himself or his child? there was a bar of soap in his palm trying to ward us off. it got worse with each stop during the day. i haven't felt more filthy since girls camp 1993 when i didn't shower for 4 days. but the minions were thrilled with the long day of non-stop activities and as long as the bribes and threats hold out, i'm sure we will do it again. next i'll be penning a parenting book entitled, "look ma, no hands! how you too can bumble through your children's most crucial developmental years!"

a final note- on the way home, scarlett had an accident in the car. perfect ending to a perfect day.


Nicole said...

haha I LOVE that ending!!! :) And btw, I HATE build a bear too! congrats to a no diaper hope! JEALOUS!!!

Alisha said...

Laughing as I read the entire post!

The Stimpson Family said...

haha - perfect ending indeed!

Paula said...

I too am potty training Lydia right now. She fortunately seems to really like it and has taken right to it. We still have the an accident here and there and she hasn't stayed dry at night or naps yet but we are getting there. I have never walked into a build-a-bear store and I hope we never have to, the bears creep me out.

Jeppson Clan said...

Fairy tale ending.
Ridge asks if we can "go to Reagan's house please?" EVERY time we drive by the blue house. Playdate please when you come to town?

Thomas said...

Scarlett could not have been prouder when she looked up at me, hard-earned completely-built-bear in hand, and said "I peed in my pants".

Debbie said...

ahahahaha! I'm sorry! I totally feel your pain! but I just have to laugh at that ending. Isn't that just how it goes?? Taylor is almost 3 1/2, and she's just now (crossing my fingers) getting to be completely potty trained, and by completely, I mean during the day. She still has to wear pull-ups at night and for naps, and I'm not getting hopeful that that will end anytime soon. Good luck! Potty training stinks!

Jess said...

What a great post! Thanks for the laugh!