Tuesday, May 18, 2010

don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

i recently realized something. i don't have any babies anymore. i have two fork using, sentence speaking, potty using, bed sleeping kids. it's weird. those are all things that i do too. even meatball does most of those things.

reagan update:

reagan insists on pushing the buggy whenever we are at a store that requires a buggy(grocery cart for the rest of you). in a word, it's horrible. especially if you value your ankles. in other reagan news, he's joined a baseball team, graduated from preschool, and still asks quite often when his mizzzouri friends are going to be getting alabama houses too. the big move has definitely been the hardest on him.

scarlett update:
scarlett defies death daily. she could care less about safety. and being fully dressed. we finally made it over the potty training hump. we really need to give the credit to meatball. she became fascinated by meatball being so well potty trained that she decided she wanted to be like him and "use the facilities outside". whatever works, right? she is coming to understand one of life's most cruel realities, that some things are more socially acceptable for boys to do in the yard and not for girls. there is no such thing as equality in potty training.

heidi update-
i've stayed busy with my new calling at church, back as the primary secretary. apparently, i really have something to learn in the primary organization since i keep getting called there. perhaps i need to learn to love children, be more patient and especially be more reverent in church? it hurts but i'm trying. at least i'm not den mother, right?
i've also resumed my running here. and i'll tell you what, it's a lot harder to run here. A LOT. we live in the foothills of a mountainous area and 3 miles feels like 10. and i spend 75% running in ditches and on gravel due to the lack of sidewalks and paved shoulders. i've kissed my consistent pace goodbye and i am trying to enjoy crying while i run up and down hills. the local fire department has already been called once. and it was really embarassing. but i will be more than ready for the kansas city half-marathon in october. and i just threw down the gauntlet for the rest of you considering running it too.

thomas update:
thomas has actually said, "i really like my job." and that makes me happy too. he is thriving in the humidity and can't wait for the 100+ degree weather. and only 3 short months until football season. the kids have stopped asking who "that man" is and starting calling him daddy again. his new hours are great. he's still very busy, but is enjoying more flexibility.

a special thanks to everyone for complying with my navy, black, white, blue dress code. some unwittingly. others not. too bad we never got a complete family picture.


Carie said...

Perfect. I am so glad you are building a happy life there. No reason for you to be miserable if you have to live far away.

Meredith said...

That all sounds wonderful and happy! :) It's good to hear.

And I'd like to hear the fire-department-being-called story. Please???

MissRochelle said...

Glad to hear you are doing well, however, you are missed!

HJolley said...

That last picture is so stinking cute. I miss you and your fam so much!

Rocketgirl said...

So I've always thought we would be BFFs if we lived anywhere near each other, but now I'm afraid there is a pebble in shoe that is our pretend relationship. If I saw mountains like that I would probably set up a lawn chair and giggle at any of the people crazed enough to run on them while I ate hot pockets and drank root beer.

No reason we can't continue to be hypothetical BFFs, but you need to accept that about me, just like I have to accept the fact that you dangled a perfectly awesome story about the fire department under our noses and left us hanging. Share, share!

The High Family- said...

Enjoyed the updates. Glad you actually get to see your hubby now and that your kids recognize him again! Sad that you won't be in Mo when we go visit again(who am i kidding, haven't been back in 2 years. the guilt trips from my mother have been intense and more thought out with each passing month...someday it will happen.)was good to see you 2 years ago and kortney's wedding. still looking fit and fab as you did then. btw, the kc marathon frightens me!

Elizabeth said...

It was SO good to see you, however brief it was, this weekend. Sorry I am leaving so soon, I would have loved to go to lunch or something!! Have fun in the ward, I am pretty close with pretty much everyone in that ward being involved with the youth...especially the Willis clan...

Caroline said...

What a great update! R is playing baseball? How does he like it? can't wait to do a race together!

Debbie said...

um... yes, why did you have to call the local fire department?? so glad thomas has better hours and is enjoying his job. it's nice to be able to spend some time with your husband! i think i must have something i need to learn from primary, too... I was in Primary for two years in Tuscaloosa, and I've been in Primary ever since we've been in our current ward which is going on 4 years now!