Sunday, May 09, 2010

i'm sorry mama

you certainly didn't raise me to talk like this(i can hear your voice in my head). good thing i didn't actually say any of these things. just took pictures.

mother's day at our house was fun. thomas and i both spoke in church so the kids made it even more special by being very loud and restless during our talks. it's nice to have your kids around to make you seem like even less of an authority when you are speaking on the importance of mothers.
and then after church i took a nap and then we went for a walk around the 'hood and picked flowers and strawberries in our backyard. a very little house on the prairie mother's day.


HJolley said...

Those flowers grow in your backyard? Those are super pretty.

Happy Mother's Day. You are great.

Debbie said...

haha.. so nice of your kids to be on their best behavior. Taylor refused to go up and sing with the rest of the Primary kids on Mother's Day. Being the good mother that I am, I was like "Get up and go up there NOW!!" haha... she won the battle though...