Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 is nerdy

why i am a happy, frugal nerd

being that i've been 30 for 24 hours now, i've realized a few things in my life.
C. this blog is really about me. the pictures at the top are just a ruse. it's really always about me. but i have a great supporting cast.
B. i OWN 30. the rest of you are just renting. pay me $200 when you pass go. i just hate the idea of getting older because the numbers get bigger.
A- i am more and more removed from being an awkward junior high student. that's a really nice perk that comes with age. i am free to embrace my frugal nerdiness because i no longer have to deal with being grouped with people who are all struggling to find their identity and don't mind tearing others down to find themselves. i've always known who i am. my parents were great at instilling that in me. i don't have to be friends with everyone anymore. i only have to be nice and polite to everyone. i get to choose my friends and my attitude towards circumstances. hurray for 30!

also, as i get older, my list of frugal nerdyisms is much longer than ever before. and that's GREAT! instead of frugal nerdyisms, i should call them heidi-isms. the two shall heretofore be synonymous.

1. i love to shower at the gym. i look forward to it. it gives me so much freedom! someone is watching the kids and i get to get ready without putting out fires. and my water bill is lower! score!
2. i love classical music. sometimes it makes me cry.
3. anglophilia. it's not as gross as it sounds. i just love british things. my netflix queue is full of british tv shows. sometimes i dream in a british accent. i used to have dreams that i was best friends with the beckham's. you know, posh and becks? i would always wake up disappointed.
4. i get obsessive about things that i like. running, hunger games, gone with the wind, crunchy corn bran cereal, perfect point plus eyeliner in espresso brown. i'm the type to attend a nerd convention. or start a nerd convention. with costumes.
5. thomas and i live for the show 24. but because i can't stay awake it's more like 12 or sometimes 18.
6. i cannot and will not pay full price for anything. it hurts.
7. i like getting up early. though i love to sleep, i hate the feeling of not having enough time in the day to do everything. so i get up early. plus, i love alone time. love it. any early morning is the only time for that.


HJolley said...

I applaud these confessions, because I find myself in so many of them. My latest nerdy thing--the grocery store. It's a game I play to see if I can keep within the budget. I watch each item get scanned and feel supreme Olympic victory if I stay under the amount I set in my mind.
And I cry everytime I hear a patriotic song.
And I obsess over protein shakes.

Becca said...

I love reading your heidi-isms.

Lindsay said...

I love your heidi-isms. I too have anglophilia. I seriously believe I was meant to be British, only with good teeth. That is so funny about the gym shower. I took my first shower at the gym two weeks ago and thought that is was really nice just to get ready with the kids were in kids klub.

Lindsay said...

sorry this is paula, I am using my sister-in-laws computer

Jess said...

Hunger games!?!? I think this deserves a post of its own.

Rocketgirl said...

I was totally down about 30 until I remembered all the dumb stuff I did at 20. At least this 30 stuff is less dumb... I think. But once I decided to BE 30, own it, as you say, I feel much hotter. Silly 29 year olds. No way near as cool as us.

Okay, anglophile quiz - How do you pronounce Bucket??

Debbie said...

Happy 30th! I'm only a month late! ;-)