Monday, January 12, 2009

my twelve loves of christmas 9-12

yeah, so i'm still posting about christmas. but this is the last post on the subject. then i'll be back to my regularly scheduled blathering.

9. watching bowl games and movies and "very special" christmas programming on tv.
(my beloved crimson tide playing like smell-o-vision against the my least favorite team ever,ever,ever, utah.)

i only wish that the powers that be would have shown my personal fave, "a very brady christmas".

10. the powers that be did grant thomas a little bit of time off to spend with us. books were read. messes were made. giggles were heard. general merriment was made.

and big T did have the most outstanding(and paycheck earning) talent at the talent show, presenting the six key causes of the credit meltdown in less than two minutes. how many of you can do that? there were no pictures taken because i was in utter shock at his financial whiz-iness.

11. visiting the Christus statue and the display of nativities at the independence visitor's center. there were over 300 nativities on display and my children didn't touch a single one of them.

12. i received my first nativity set ever. i love it. it is from my aunt ana in texas. i cried when i opened it. i have wanted one of these for so long. how do you teach your children the true meaning of christmas without a nativity?


Nicole said...

I agree....a nativity is a MUST!! I need more! ANd way to go BIG T and your "credit meltdown" bad self! ;)

Julianne said...

Nice work on the no touching from the kids to the 300 Nativity sets! I have enjoyed your 12 loves of Christmas.