Friday, January 16, 2009

"friendship" tag is still my personal hell.

athletic competition and i have never been friends. the first time in my life that i became truly aquainted with personal prayer was in elementary school when i would pray for the ability to get through gym class unscathed. this continued through most of my public school education. "friendship" tag(read-fag tag) is still my personal hell. long jumping, rope climbing, pull ups and timed sit-ups should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. though i may love a good redneck, square dancing is not for me. and heaven forbid i play any game involving a ball. especially when they are flying at my face. volleyball and basketball were the two most dreaded gym glass activities. i always thought that our gym teacher, mrs. mccormack, had a diabolical streak to her. she would assign kids to teams and then sit back in her wheeled desk chair and chug coffee and eat little debbie snack cakes while i braved the peril of team sports. the resentment still burns within me today.

this being known, it should shock the socks off everybody that i am currently on a volleyball team. for real. we are called the steamboat willies and we are comprised of 9 lovely and talented ladies from church. last night was our second game. it must be noted that last night should be considered our first game as last week we somehow ended up in the A league. thanks to our team leader rochelle's torn ligaments in her foot(really) mercy was shown on us and we were moved to the B league. more like the D+ league. we fit in much better over there.
i asked my sister to take a few pictures for the blog and of the 3893 pictures she took, these few are the only pictures that are post worthy. i should have known that she would take advantage of my game ready crouch. most of the other pictures are close ups of my backyard. not exactly the view i was going for.

a few pictures of the caboose are helpful. most of us really don't know what we look like from behind. everyone should have a picture or two to know if you should wear a pair of pants again.

obviously these pants do nothing for me. or my volleyball skillz.

i plan on sending this picture to mrs. mccormack with the caption:
it's a lot easier to serve a ball over the net when someone is not barking orders at you from a wheeled desk chair.
unfortunately i only served over the net twice. my strength really lies in other areas. like sitting in a wheeled desk chair eating little debbie snacks.

the opposing team had it's own resident celebrity, jamie lynn spears, sporting the grey sweatshirt. i didn't know she was a jayhawks fan. i made it heather's personal mission last night to get a picture of jamie lynn from the front. this was as good as she could do. apparently she was too busy taking pictures of my derriere.

reagan wasn't too thrilled with having to sit at the rec center in his pajamas on office/scrubs/30rock night.

ps- we actually won one of our three games last night. tender mercies indeed.


amanda said...

Oh Heidi- how do I love thee!

Great post. Way to take your "love of sports" to the next level. And I mean- really- as long as you have a cute uniform- everything will be ok.

Rachel said...

How did Mrs M get to be a gym teacher? I laughed out loud several times while reading this post. I totally remember the wheeled desk chair, and how she would scoot around in it instead of getting up and walking!! Personally I thought high school gym class was worse. Especially the day our sophomore year when the most popular, beautiful, athletic girl in the school (S. Busby) nailed me in the head with a football in front of the Senior boys gym class.
That's awesome you are on a volleyball team, I wanted to see the front of the t-shirts.

Merilee said...

Hey, did you ever see Mrs. M's toenails? She would often wear sandals in summer which would have been ok, except she didn't have toenails.

It was pointed out to me or I might never have seen them. Eck. Maybe she lost them all during previously played volleyball matches.

My word verification is precon. Does that mean I'm almost to prison mode? B/c that would sure be awesome..

Valoree said...

I love reading your post! So entertaining! I don't think, no, I know I don't want to see any pictures of me from behind! So, your hair even looks god while you play sports?

Paula said...

When I read on Facebook that you had a volleyball game, I must admit I was shocked. Not to say you don't have mad skillz but I know team sports aren't your cup of tea. I am super duper impressed that you are playing for volleyball is not a favorite of mine. You also looke darling as you play-cute hair!

MissRochelle said...

I love having you on the team!!! Your adorable!