Tuesday, January 20, 2009

62 bucks

i woke up this morning to find scarlett's left eye red, swollen and overflowing with oozy, gloppy eye-boogers. after a quick(less than 90 minutes) trip to the doctor, scarlett has a presciption for the cold that is now living in her eye.

the doctor warned me that the eye drop presciption would be pricey. i thought 20-25 bucks? i can drop that like it's hot. totally worth it. my little girl has baby pageants to win and 6 foot tiaras to wear and she can't do that with an oozy, festering eye.


the $62 bottle of eye drops! YIKES! BIKES!

i am a proud brigham young university graduate class of 2002. so proud that i have an alumni license plate frame. however, i am seriously considering taking it off of my car. if you live outside the intermountain west, BYU means one thing-mormonism. and lately i have been having a slew of bad luck in my Es-Ca-Pey(it's high falutin' if you pronounce it like that) and don't want my poor driving experiences to sully the name of my church.

recently, we had a warm day and i took my car in to be washed at a local do-it-yourself-car-wash. luckily there was one spot where there was no one waiting and so i quickly pulled into the available spot. as i was doing so, i realized that i had just cut in front of two of the oldest people on earth. after i realized my mistake i tried to make amends with methuselah and his wife, sofia petrillo, by backing up and letting them go. they weren't having it and i know they were eyeing my license plate frame and drawing nasty conclusions.

plus, i have a nasty habit of only allowing one car in front of me when there is a traffic jam in a parking lot. some people really hate that. it only seems fair to me that no one should be able to cut to the front of a traffic jam.

and sometimes if you were foolish and pulled into the middle of an intersection while the light was changing to red, i will try and get as close to you as possible in order to let you know that i don't appreciate your stupidity. i believe that if you are scared that i may hit you, you will finally learn safe driving courtesy.

plus, if you are a teenager and are texting on your phone while driving. i will honk at you and stare you down. i am a pretty firm believer that teenagers should only be allowed to drive with their parents.

the end.


Sarah Beck said...

Heidi, I will have to get you some Polysporin Eye Drops-- $10.99 (CAD). They're over the counter in Canada, and every time I go back I get some. It's liquid gold. Any time my kids have pink eye, I use it. I don't have to go to the Dr and it's cheap. And IT'S THE SAME STUFF. And for any doubters of the quality of Canadian drugs out there--I seem to have grown up and survived fine :)

heidi said...

sarah, does the polysporin work on a cold infection in the eye? scarlett doesn't have pink eye. it's just a cold. keep me posted.

and i don't think most people question the quality of canadian drugs. i think they are more concerned about the people who claim to be canadian drug makers and are actually selling you sugar capsules.

jay&mary said...

Every Sunday here in the bible belt we can pass at least 4 crossing guards all dressed up and stopping traffic to let their members out of church. Way to much power for some of them, but to compensate we like to dress our guys up and stop traffic on Stake Conference or any major meeting. Most people are not too happy about having to stop to let a bunch of Mormons out of church. Oh well! We feel your pain on this one.

Becca said...

Sorry about Scarlett! Those $62-buck drops better work. Jon had an optometrist prescribe him some 90-buck allergy eye drops once. He decided to pass.

I was at BYU from 2001 to 2005. We could have passed each other on campus, never imagining that one day our paths would cross again in Missouri. I'm glad they did. Your blog entries and comments make me laugh. I especially appreciated the one about getting an epidural every day. You had me laughing in the hospital.

Jessica said...

from what a friend who is a nurse has told me, pink eye is just a catch-all name for any kind of infection in the eye. a lot of times pink-eye is just actually a cold in the eye. (i think that's when its called viral conjunctivitis). but then again, i have no medical training, so don't pay attention to me.

that sucks about the drops being so expensive. my kids have had pink eye 2 or 3 times in the last year, and i don't remember the bottle ever costing THAT much.

hope she gets better soon!

Kristen said...

i had to buy a $60 tube o' cream once for one of my girl's unmentionables (needless to say, it wasn't one of those presciptions that was optional) the cream only had to be applied 3 times for the situation to be cleared up. anyway, braden threw the tube away (who knows why) after application #1 and so i had to buy it again. on the upside, i have a nearly full tube of hormonal cream if anyone ever needs it!

Julianne said...

We have a similar BYZoo license cover thingy on our car, and I think about that every time I do something rude to someone else and I'm swearing inside my car. Darn.

Melissa said...

Ha, ha, ha! Your husband is much like mine when it comes to driving issues. I would like to know who ends up whening the duel with the crossing guard in the coming weeks. We've had our own expensive tube o' eye cream--not fun.

Sarah said...

yeah, of course i watched it, i'm a hansen! and i think you will make a great mrs. america!

The High Family- said...

You really should bronze that teeny bottle of eye drops and give it to Scarlett as a future wedding present. Might as well get multiple uses out of it. Good luck with the crossing guard...he sounds a little scary. I bet you could take him.

Debbie said...

haha... you crack me up! Why has it been so long since I've read your blog?!

Caroline said...

Why didn't your insurance cover the drops? That is awful!