Saturday, February 04, 2017

a series of unfortunate events

that's misleading. but a really good post title.actually, scarlett has been watching the new "a series of unfortunate events" series on netflix with neil patrick harris and i do not like it. in the same way that i don't like looney tunes cartoons. things aren't going to work out unless you're bugs bunny and that drives me crazy. 

this week has only been about 50% unfortunate events. but they were bam bam bam right in a row. 

nothing unfortunate about this. we played "name that tune" in primary and athena blythe was so excited for her turn. she just kept hitting that bell but couldn't name a single song. but had plenty of opinions. she's off the family feud panel for a few years.

unfortunate event #1- when i was singing to reagan at bedtime i leaned forward quickly to give him a kiss and i hit my nose on his bunk bed and totally busted nose. i heard the crunch and then the pain set in. the bridge of my nose was swollen and bruised for a few days. 
luckily, unfortunate event #2 and #3 kept me from seeing any people for 3 days as i was stuck at home nursing vomiting children. hersch threw up all over himself in the car on the way to the gym on monday. i still had to hit up the grocery store so i buttoned up his jacket all the way to his neck and stared down everyone who dared give me the stink eye because of my stink baby. 
the next day athena blythe was living the same life except for the fact that she was insisting that she was not sick and perfectly happy. she hates missing school. 
unfortunate event #4 was when i was touching up some paint and i bumped the paint that was balancing on the ladder and i decided to break it's fall with my face. luckily, it was just my face and i was able to avoid and major damage to the hardwoods.


walls finished, next week is painting the bookshelves black to match the dining room. 

a really great event of the week was the daddy daughter dance at scarlett's school. scarlett talked about this for weeks on end. she has developed a really great group of friends at school and they have named themselves "the silly squad" or the SS. she has no idea of the other meaning of SS, thankfully. they few things in common with the other SS, except for the fact that their motto is, "let
find trouble". maybe a little in common.
the SS all met up at the dance and took lots of pictures and laughed and didn't dance at all. my 9 year old self is very jealous. i always had friends, but my innate shyness preventing me from enjoying them and getting together with them very often. i'd rather be at home and read. some things never change.

I LOVE THAT MAN THERE! next to the shiny 9 year old.

scarlett is always funny and always "on". i have to tell her to dial it back at least once a day. ME, i have to tell HER to dial it back. the irony is not lost. i apologize to all of you who have wanted to say the same to me. lesson learned. but i'll probably ignore it. 

our other really big event of the week was hersch's 2nd birthday TODAY! we had some small festivities planned with friends but we had to cancel after scarlett woke up at 4 am and announced "i just threw up and i feel so much better!" i'm glad she felt better but she had thrown up on everything. her bedspread, extra blanket and sheets, her stuffed animals, her pillows, the wall, her alarm clock. scarlett is a talker so she was chipper as can be giving me the play by play the vomit events. at 4 am. 
after i spent all morning doing laundry,
i spent almost ALL DAY I KID YOU NOT cooking and baking. we all like pancakes but athena blythe is really into pancakes lately and brings them up all the time and so i made our traditional big pancake and eggs and bacon breakfast. plus we had pizza night on friday so i spent a fair amount of time prepping specialty pizza ingredients. i must really love this family. 

we also did our traditional breakfast present opening.

his new set of "vrooms". he likes to have at least 1 in his hands at all times. 

i spent HOURS on this cake. i don't mind making cakes for the kids, but i just don't enjoy eating cake much anymore. especially store bought cake. no thanks. i think it's because my poor stomach can't handle much beyond eggs and broth and boringness anymore. i get really excited about apples though. and the heartburn from nachos is totally worth it.

final note, since christmas, reagan likes to take a saturday nap. i get it and i appreciate it. i wish he'd just sleep in past six, but he has some serious hopping around in his room to do at the crack of dawn. he needs new sheets. these old red ones look terrible with the his lovely curtains and rug and new bedspread. so many projects. such a cute boy. 


HJolley said...

Did Scarlett ask if she could come sleep with you with vomit all over her face and you told her NO WAY IN HECK AND GO AWAY? Just curious if history is repeating itself through a second generation of awesome girls.

Lindsey said...

I love the cake!!!!!! Adorable!!!