Sunday, February 26, 2017

8 days a week

one of my goals for the year is it try a new restaurant every month. thomas and i went to ponce city market to see what all the cool kids were eating. ponce city market is like a giant hipster food court housed in a former turn of the century sears distribution building near downtown atlanta. the drive was long and the lines for the individual restaurants were even longer so we got in the shortest line because we are old and tired. we ended up getting fried chicken from hop's and it was great, except over priced. i'm cheap! i like lots of food! surrounding the food court is several shops that had ridiculously overpriced handmade atlanta centric things that we didn't need but it was sure fun to laugh at. probably my favorite part of the experience were all the historical artifacts that were used as informational decor for the building. lots of original beams and they had the motor for the original elevator. sears used to ship all sorts of animals, including monkeys. the spirit of doug beck lives on as i attempted to read every historical plaque. 

monday was no school and i had to do my workout at home. my neighbor decided to trim his shrubs that adjoin my driveway and watch/chat with me. it was as great as it sounds, especially when he would ask me how hard my workout was as i was running sprints up and down the hill that we live on. 

tuesday and wednesday were half days for parent teacher conference. i think half days are a special kind of terrible. no one learns anything because everything is so short and i spend a good amount of the day driving around to make it through the extra long car lines during a condensed day. the great news was that we had good reports from reagan and scarlett's teachers. in case you're wondering, a special needs student parent teacher conference is normally around 1 hour. there is always so much to discuss and new things to try and implement. it can be equal parts invigorating and discouraging. i feel very blessed that we haven't had the problems with the schools that we had in simpsonville. our district wants to help and reagan's teacher is creative and dauntless.

that day was also momentous as i left reagan at home by himself for the first time ever. ever. he just doesn't want to be home alone. i am the opposite. emphasis on the alone part. it was successful and i trust him ish but i was so nervous about the rest of the universe falling apart while he was home. 

i bought this wooden car hauler for herschel on wednesday. i am usually not weak when it comes to caving to toys, but this is a highly caveable toy. 

athena blythe came home from school with this special belated valentine. this is why we keep her. 

practicing her puppy dogs eyes while she gets used to the feel of bars in her hands. 

friday i finished a project i've had on my art to do list for years. this canvas hung over my fireplace for years in kansas city and simponville. i got tired of it's look a while ago, but i didn't want to get rid of a canvas this large without re purposing it. 

thanks to hobby lobby and a couple of sunny friday afternoons, this is finished product. abstract art is kind of my jam. 

saturday i ran 9 miles, when i had only planned 7, so i was sore and tired and then i made 6 dozen cookies for the priesthood preview. saturday evening thomas surprised me with a date AGAIN! two weeks in a row! plus, he drove us down to buckhead, which he doesn't love doing because he works down there, but he wanted to take me some place fawncy. and it was fawncy! american cut steakhouse and bar! we did not imbibe at the bar, but they had the BEST butter ever. it was a mixture of vegetable cream cheese and real buttah and i was putting a pat on eat bite. calories for the win. i ordered the filet mignon because it's my favorite and and thomas had a gigantic new york strip. our sides were big fat onion rings and THE BEST pimento macaroni and cheese with bread crumb topping. i never want to forget that macaroni. i had the leftovers today after church and it was just as decadent and satisfying. our dessert was a s'mores cheesecake. it was almost as good as the macaroni. 

dates with thomas are often few and far between, but he's my favorite. 
we stopped by kroger on the way home, because all dates end with errand running, and then i fell asleep as thomas blasted guns n' roses as we drove away from the city. i still am the grand champion of sleeping through anything. 

 sunday afternoon was the priesthood preview at our house for the boys turning 12 in the next year. naturally, after all the spirituality and uplifting and inspiring message, all the boys went and jumped on the trampoline. i love these nice boys. 

this is the cleanest this room has ever been. i keep walking by and smiling. clean makes me feel so peaceful.
(marriage still intact but television/cable wires still visible. opposition in all things.)


HJolley said...

"because all dates end with errand running"

That line is so true it could be in the Bible. We are always running to the store for something I forgot at my weekly grocery trip. It kind of reminds us that though we are on a date like when we were young and fun, we are definitely old and parent-ish and NOT fun now.

Loved the picture of AB behind bars. Hope there is room for Gwen in that cell. She'll bring her best digging spoon.

Lindsey said...

I also thought of Gwen! Ha! You look awesome in these pics and I'm super jealous of your food choices!