Wednesday, February 22, 2017

culminating projects

recent project round up! we still haven't gotten to the task of painting the bookshelves black, but i did spent some time last week discarding and purchasing new frames and mattes for our family history gallery walls. i love gallery walls. love them. i read once in an interior design class in college that it was a major design faux pas to hang family pictures in main areas of your home. that has always sat poorly with me. then where do we hang them? the laundry room? the bathroom? "hey grandma bonnie's portrait from 1940! i had taco soup last night and i'm not feeling so great today. can i spend the day in here with you?" 
that don't make no sense. so, design maxims be darned, i love a family gallery wall. i love looking at YOUR family gallery walls. you should love looking at my family gallery wall. my family is pretty great. and you can't smell their terrible breath through photos. 

the design unfurls:

the almost finished product, short of a few tweaks here and there.

we also painted the inside of the living room built-ins white. for some reason the interior had been painted dark brown and it always looked terrible and dingy and like the previous owner thought, "this room has a lot of natural light, what can we do to wreck that? let's paint the inside of the built-ins brown!" 


the never ending master bathroom horrific leak repair/remodel is finally done as of yesterday. we won't be flipping any houses any time soon. 


everyone's favorite toilet in the tub!

midway through the tile. lovelovelove. 

terrible lighting on the finished product. the shower door was put up after i took this picture.

and the most stressful project, reagan's valentine's box. i thought it was brilliant for minimal effort and limited time. 

valentine's outfits. freddie mercury t shirt on reagan because he "loves freddie mercury".

herschel antics:

biggest highlight of february was the quick visit from my mom. she flew into town to see andrea boccelli perform. we all sit up taller when she is here, because she makes us want to be better. 

she is the picture of love and goodness. 

childhood forever!

big coat on a little boy!

the end


Jessica said...

i love looking at other people's family pictures, too! and i think they make a house more home-y. it's also a major faux pas to leave family pictures up when trying to stage and sell a house, but you know what -- all the houses we've bought had their family pictures up when we looked at them, and i loved it. way to get those projects done! (i wish i had more motivation right now to do the same around here.)

HJolley said...

That Grandma Sandy is SUCH a babe, though she would scold me for applying that term to someone her age. I love your galleries. I think houses without them are BORING, so there!

Jeppson Clan said...

Great job on all your projects! I am in love with your bathroom tile, so gorgeous!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! The tiling, the white paint, the gallery wall, the whole dang thing. Way to go. You're my inspiration.