Saturday, January 21, 2017

boudoir black is good as gold

i ordered my first new pair of glasses in almost 10 years this month. i took the plunge and ordered them online. i screwed it up and ordered the opposite of my prescription and ended up with glasses for a far sighted person and i am very near sighted.  
i guess i'm more vain than i thought because i couldn't even muster a joking smile for a full 24 hours after these glasses came in the mail. i already dress like a weirdo. i love hair scarves. plus my hair is naturally puffy. i can see the future on occasion. and people think i'm a british witch all the time. what is the universe telling me?

Image result for professor trelawney
i am professor trelawney! thomas couldn't stop calling me that and laughing and i felt like stabbing him many times in the nose with my magic wand so that he would end up like voldemort. needless to say, i reordered a pair with my proper prescription post haste.

 last weekend, thomas and i painted the dining room! good bye puke country green walls! i hardly knew thee and i don't miss you one iota. 

one room down, all the rest to go!
boudoir black by behr. i love love love it. dark paint is the only drama i want in my life. next, thomas and i need to agree on a light fixture. i'm leaning toward a couple of really colorful abstract paintings for the biggest wall. 

athena blythe has come to terms with wearing pigtails. she's still not a fan, but when everyone exclaims what a living doll she is, she can't help but preen. 


HJolley said...

I love the living room. How long did it take you? I would also like to hear your paint color ideas for the other rooms,

Lindsey said...

She really is a doll!!!!

Unknown said...

looooooove the dark paint in dining room!!!!! can't wait to see what light fixture y'all agree on.

Unknown said...

oh that's me above, unknown. -emily