Sunday, January 08, 2017

the year i started filling in my brows and other developments

resolutions update:

running: running went well last year during the summer and especially during the fall but i couldn't figure out a half marathon that would work for my schedule. so, there's that. mileage goals met but no official half marathons. just a christmas 5k.  

small choices mean a different direction with a huge impact: 
these people read the the book of mormon as a family. we set the goal. we read a little every day. we did it. and now we're going to do it again. and then again. it wasn't easy but it also wasn't hard, like anything worth doing. our family is stronger and i'm grateful for my kids who made sure were kept going. do you want answers and to feel the Spirit and to have a chance to really talk scriptures with your children? make this your goal this year.

Book of Mormon finishers!

i was nowhere near where i'd hoped to be on squats, but i was consistent and learned a ton(punny) about form and ability and embracing beautiful, thick thighs. currently at 115x10. squat goal for the year: 135x10. 

i ate zero potato chips. feel free to roll your eyes but that's an accomplishment.

no junk january- check. no fun but neccessary and worth it. 

i never went to bed at 10:30 unless i was sick. it's  11:19 right now and i know where i should be but here i am. here i am.

said yes to being fun yet i was still punished with a lot of errant poop. sometimes from the kids.

i said no to a lot of people wanting me to do things. it felt great. i said yes to enough things too.

one development that was not a resolution but a happy accident was my attempt at slowing down on my makeup application. splitting the atom is next. i watched a bunch of youtube videos about makeup whilst prego with hersch and i just kept trying to hone my craft. this year i ventured in filling my brows without looking like tom selleck's mustache took up residence on my forehead. (but could you imagine how lucky i would be if that did happen?!)

no dead caterpillar or sharp 90 degree angle math equation rectangles. just a nice filled brow thanks to an angled brush and youtube.

this years goals include a lot of the same. 

1. no junk january

2. no PIRATE'S BOOTY. which is a pretty big deal for me but i'm dealing with a pretty serious addiction that needs to be nipped in the bud. there is no vape equivalent for pirate's booty.

3. make it lovely-i have a dear friend, shalynna, and everything she touches is beautiful. she really inspired me because she has no interest in being a pinterest sensation, she does it because she likes to show her children she loves them by doing beautiful things for them. i'm not a perfectionist at all so it makes my desire to make things perfect is really low, however, i'm hoping to make sure i plan enough for activities and occasions to make my kids feel special. everyone wants a bit of fuss and to feel special. i know i do. i'd like a lot of fuss, in fact. 

4. universal forgiveness- no grudges, no gracias. i can finally go back to academy sports and outdoors. i forgive them for treating me so shabbily 4 years ago. plus, i'm acting like everyone has forgiven me for all the dumb things i do on the regular. i had this epiphany a few weeks ago that i needed to slough off all the grudge and annoyance baggage that i carry around. i realize this will be something i have to start over again and again, but i have to shower every day and that's no big deal so figure i'll treat it the same. just keep trying.

5. 2 half marathons

6. read book the mormon as family again

7.1030 bed time. a girl can dream. hopefully!


Melissa said...

All I can say is, Thank You for your filled in eyebrows that actually look natural. What is it with these ladies who make their eyebrows so outrageous that all you can do is look at them and nothing else? And can I just say, there are way more out there than there should be. I'm still toe dipping filling in the ol' brows. I think I might need to watch some YouTube videos to be completely convinced.

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

I didn't roll my eyes at the no potato chips comment. I did, however, scroll back up to see if you meant so far this year or all of 2016. I bow to you.

Jessica said...

first off, your brows look awesome and i'm super jelly because every time i try and craft a normal brow look on me, the results are laughable at best. secondly, i am super impressed that you went a year without chips. chips are not my vice (they are scott's however) but i can't imagine going a year without baked goods -- which are my achilles heel. and finally, yay for reading the book of mormon! i love how you said it's not easy but it's also not hard, because that's how i feel, too. we started the book over on january 1st and have the goal to read every day this year and finish by new year's eve. it felt daunting when we set the goal, but over the last week and a half as we've done it (3 columns a night), it's not nearly as painful as i thought it would be. i am holding onto faith and hope that reading as a family everyday will make our home and family life a less contentious place to be. ;)