Monday, May 11, 2015

party of 6

writing for a wife and mother, "is like rowing against wind and tide"- harriet beecher stowe

when i started writing this blog post, herschel had been home from the hospital 3 weeks after nearly 5 weeks in the NICU. as of this edit, herschel has been home 9 weeks. time flies and every minute counts toward staying afloat as opposed to making progress.

 i was a mixed bag about herschel coming home. i missed having him with us but it was nice to be able to heal and rest and have him completely cared for while he worked so hard get big and strong. it was like the most expensive baby sitter of all time. but he lives here full time and pays taxes and all that so i guess we're making it.  

we had tons of wonderful people bring us dinner but next time i'm a millionaire i'm going to totally order a meal from instead of flowers. thomas' office sent us meals from instead of flowers on two different days and it was great. it was TONS of great food, plus reusable insulated totes!

this is all ONE MEAL!

and since i've got to get caught up a million thoughts and posts, here is a gratuitous amount of photos with one line captions:

chicken leg baby

feeding tube up the nose because like his brother before him he was good at figuring out how to pull it out.

two sisters pushing the new stroller around the living room and getting its first dents in it.

the bed herschel has yet to spend the night in. 

darling big sissy in the NICU

the triumphant arrival on sunday march 22nd!

love at first sight

2 kids in diapers is so expensive
a huge chunk of our budget goes toward velcro bags that hold poop that we throw away. 


Lindsey said...

Such a beautiful family. I'm glad he's home with you!

HJolley said...

Two kids in two diapers--i hear ya, sister! with no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

Looking at these pictures made me miss your family really bad. July can't come soon enough (except for the fact that I will be a melted, liquified version of myself in Florida by then).