Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the target demographic has left the building

milestone update:

easter 2015

something i like about reagan. 
i've told him on more than one occasion that mom and dad are santa claus and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy and he has rejected that information. we've discussed the ins and outs of why we do it, he digests the information and then decides he just wants to believe. and i think that is great. let's all believe!

our church put on a special needs carnival for all local special needs children in the area and their families and it was great. (except for the kid operating the plinko game who had never heard of plinko or the price is right before and i had to school him on how it works. kids these days!) i love the efforts by our church to make special needs children feel more included. everyone needs a friend. and everyone needs to ride a pony!

my darling blythe turned 3. it was also a low key year for her but she totally "got" present opening this year. 

to say she is a little mermaid fan is an understatement. 

i also reached a big milestone this year. 35. marketing companies and television and movies will now no longer cater to my opinion for the rest of my life. i guess i'm relieved. it was a lot of pressure liking one of the few well-crafted shows here and there only to have it canceled due to low ratings. stop dragging my heart around!
and hurricane athena blythe at my leftover birthday cake. all part of the job description, i guess.

and this is where i got my new phone and the clarity difference in all my pictures is absolutely incredible. it's like when i got new glasses and realized that those blobs were trees and those little things on them were leaves. JUST LIKE IN BOOKS!

scarlett had a monumental field day. i always dreaded field day because of my genetic history, lackius of athleticus abilitium, but she and her class knocked it out of the park. i think pitting kids against each other in a competitive setting is brilliant, as long as my kids win.

my requisite mother's day picture, first time as a mother of four. i really love being a mom. i couldn't say that 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago and i never EVER say that during the hours of 5-7pm each night, but i love being a mom, poop, vomit, screaming and everything. and that's just me.

hersch is thriving. he sleeps from 8pm to nearly 8am when i have to put him in his carseat for school drop off. it's like i discovered the golden ticket to willy wonka's chocolate factory. it's makes quite the difference on my outlook on life in general.
people keep asking me how much he weighs and in all honesty, i have no idea. i always say around 12-13 pounds, but if i can't get myself on a scale, i'm certainly not going to put my baby on a scale. i don't even think we own a scale anymore. ain't nobody got time for that. hersch wears 0-3 month outfits and a few newborn things here and there. he'll be 4 months on june 4th. 

we've had a few 90 degree days and the kids have discovered the joys of trampolines and hoses. saturday has been transformed.

probably the biggest news is that these 2 ding dongs finally learned to TIE SHOELACES. reagan's hands don't like anything that requires fine motor attention scarlett just skated by this long.

again, low expectations and you'll be richly rewarded.

reagan- "now that i can tie shoes, will a girl want to marry me?"

final note. simpsonville house is thisclose to being put on the market. all the renovations that we've wanted to do for so long are finally done. it's a shame not to have been able to enjoy it, but this is the first chance we've had to do any upgrades. it looks amazing. we're just waiting on new countertops and a few light fixtures to be switched out.
 a sneak peak from last week when they finished the floors and paint:
the end.


Emily Curfew said...

your simpsonville house is gorgeous!! best of luck getting top dollar for it! hopefully this means you are "this much" closer to buying a house in georgia. Herschel is sooooooooooooo cute. he is exactly one month older than kate. and wows girl. he's sleeping 12 hours straight. hot diggity dog!!! you hit jackpot! (you deserve it)

HJolley said...

Reagan's question, "Now that I can tie a shoelace, will a girl want to marry me?" made me laugh until I was wiping tears from my eyes. He is the funniest kid. I think we should start a book of funny Reagan quotes. The title of it can be "I'm thinking of ways to be bad."

Jeppson Clan said...

Love this post, it is chocked full of goodness. All my phone pictures look like your first set. Matt refuses to cave to Apple, or a "contract" so Walmart monthly plans it is. Your family is beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Reagan's question is the best. Hersch is seriously adorable. Miss you guys!

Jessica said...

the house looks amazing!! and i TOTALLY know what you mean about getting glasses and finally being able to see the leaves. hahahaha. i've tried explaining to my kids what that was like and they just don't get how awesome it was. :)

my favorite picture of the whole bunch is your mother's day shot.

Mackenzie said...

We hooked the hose up to a sprinkler and then dangled it from a tree above.