Wednesday, May 13, 2015

this is our song

in our family, we all have a song. it started when thomas and i were on our honeymoon in florida and every time we got in the car we heard kenny chesney's song, the good stuff. it was annoying. it was hokey. it was too country. we kept changing the station. and then we stopped changing the station when we actually started hearing the words and it became our song. 
a few years later when reagan was born a month premature, i was driving up to the hospital multiple times a day to visit him and when i would get in the car i was constantly hearing two songs by kelly clarkson, breakaway, and behind these hazel eyes, over and over and over. then when he finally came home i would be up all night with him and i would watch music videos on MTV and VH1 and the rob thomas single, lonely no more, would be on heavy rotation. any time i hear any of those songs i am quickly reminded of the first few weeks of reagan's life. i chose, behind these hazel eyes, as reagan's song because those other two songs just annoy me a little too much. 
a tradition was born. everyone has a song. it's the song that was most popular on the radio a lot when they were born or in thomas and my case, when our marriage was born. the song chooses us and whenever we hear them when we are out and about, we turn them up and sing at the top of our lungs. even though i am notorious for not liking a song simply because it was overplayed on the radio, in this case it's fun because you know that in 20 years these songs will still be played on the dentist office style popular and country radio stations and we can think about each other. tradition? tradition!

reagan's song. if reagan could choose his own song today it would be, come and get it(nah nah nah nah) by selena gomez. it's an instant classic over here in these parts. 

scarlett's song. instantly reminds me of the world's most scorching summer in montgomery, alabama and giving birth to scarlett in the middle of it. 

athena blythe's song. this song is the most fun to sing in the car. blythe is the most fun in the car too, unbuckling her carseat at high rates of speed.

herschel's song, by a native georgian, naturally. i love this style of country twang. authentic americana.

mom and dad's song. thank goodness tank tops on men are popular again. i can't get enough of men's hairy armpits. who doesn't want to see that? this song can change the night to day for us. we can be grumbling in the car about whatever daily task, or disagreement we are experiencing(and i'm not afraid to admit we don't always get along) and this comes on and it is the balm of gilead to our marital soul. it can almost drown out the discordant shrieks our undomesticated passengers. (undomesticated passengers! band name! called it!)


Lindsey said...

I was just having this convo with my roommate last night. You are dead on!

HJolley said...

Totally know what you mean! I do not enjoy John Mayer at all, but whenever I hear "Neon", I totally get into it because it reminds me of a very fun semester at BYU.

Hersch's song is the best.

Emily Curfew said...

love having songs with each of my kids. its pretty much the song i used for their baby music videos.

your kenny chesny one is hilarious.