Thursday, April 02, 2015

reagan's first decade

muppets+maps+the color green+a pinata=success

you can't go wrong with this combination and reagan. 
our family is doing small, at home birthdays this year, which is a far cry from some of our extravaganzas in the past and i'm ttttffffpppphrilled(said with spitting) about it. 
reagan requested a kermit the frog cake and i wanted to explore new chocolate frosting options. i found a GREAT one that only required one small change from the other version i normally use. instead of add the cocoa powder last, i mixed it in FIRST with the butter, before adding anything else. then i added powdered sugar, whole milk and vanilla as per usual. it was fantastical. 
the rest of the kermit process was pretty easy and i even splurged on a food safe marker for the eyes. 

we had the small festivities on a sunday evening with two families that reagan particularly enjoys. he surprised all of us by reading a story to his guests. i was especially surprised since the boy hates reading, but he loves to perform. he simply cannot ignore the call of the stage.

for his actual birthday we ate a few leftover cupcakes that i bought for his class from the special kneads bakery in town that was specifically opened to cater to the employment needs of special needs individuals. i can't even type that without tearing up at the wonderful thing they are doing. only about 11% of autistic adults are employed and often not full time or to their capability so three cheers for them for head up the special needs employment revolution.

this past week was the DREADED pinewood derby. lucky for me, our current troop spent an entire evening cutting out the body style so all that was left for reagan(ME) to do was sand and paint and reagan(I) can do those things. 

the night of the derby, after i had done all that i could do to create an acceptable car, one of our dear scout leaders took it upon himself to do some last minute adjustments and created a pinewood super car. reagan didn't lose a single race and he gets to compete in the district competition in the next few weeks. go reagan!(ME!)

from the pictures, he was obviously thrilled. 

it was after 8pm and that is when reagan shuts down for the evening. 

more blurry pictures! i ordered a new camera download cord and the first time i tried to use it, my camera stopper working! hurray! i think it's in cahoots with the computer printer and the garage door opener because none of them like to work for me either.



Lindsey said...

You're such a good mom. I love reading your posts!! That party looks awesome, and I am already dreading pinewood derbies.

HJolley said...

that pic of reagan shutting down at 8 p.m. cracked me up! i am the same way.

Melissa said...

So glad someone cut the darn block of wood out! Since my dear hubby doesn't own a single whittling tool, we have to blow the wad every year and get a premade one at hobby lobby. go girl!

Jessica said...

TEXAS FOREVER!!! yes! i was just telling scott tonight that i need to rewatch the whole friday night lights series. you know in all my spare time. hahaha. what an awesome birthday! i think the special kneads bakery sounds like the coolest thing ever, and your family picture at the pinewood derby almost made me cry because it was so beautiful. what a precious, perfect little family you've created! :)

Merilee said...

Ha, we are doing pinewood derby stuff right now too. We had a cutting night last week and they're racing them in a super pack meeting in 3 weeks. However, we don't have to make the cars. We made one for an adult ward activity and they take lots of sanding/cutting. Ours was pretty...fancy.