Sunday, February 12, 2012

simple pleasures

this girl finds pleasure in simple things.
simple pleasure #1- a marshmallow hello kitty lollipop
simple pleasure #2- a purple belt "tied like mom's"

simple pleasure #3- going to the stake dance i was chaperoning and dancing with her dad. i REALLY dropped the ball by not getting their tickets to our local "daddy daughter date" before they sold out. we both sat in the car and cried about it. i cried the loudest. i had to scramble to come up with an acceptable alternative. my very lame alternative was dinner and wasting money at an arcade(i do not like arcades. ivalue my small coinage too much.) followed up by dancing at the stake youth dance. poor thing thought it was great. i think the trick to having your kids like simple things is to constantly disappoint them and then the semi-fun things really seem incredible. bytheway, both kids also really like going to drop off the recyclables at the recycling center. now that's a party!
simple pleasure #4- liking her brother so much that 10 minutes after she and daddy left for their date i get a phone call to meet them because she didn't want this special date to happen without reagan. apparently during dinner, that girl also informed daddy that, "thank you for making me feel special daddy. next time, even mom can come."

and this boy did NOT want his simple pleasure to be disturbed by my commemorative photo taking:
simple pleasure #5- enjoying m&ms and potato chips in large quantities.


Julie said...

OMG, that top picture of Scarlick (sorry, Nathanael's version has stuck with me:-)) is adorable. Love her.

Jess said...

Was just about to say the same thing about the top picture! One of my faves.

Jenna said...

I love the top picture too! So cute. And... did casual dress mean "wear your valentine's pajamas" to the stake dance ... in the background of one of the pictures?

Marci said...

These Scarlet photos make me laugh...she is so wonderful. Her first dancing picture is my favorite. And as for Reagan with his M&Ms...I totally got a kick out of his stained knee blue jeans...PERFECT!!!

Paula said...

what a cutie! the dancing pictures are the best. it is sweet she knows her daddy loves her and she wants her family to join in on her date.