Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this guy

has now lost 2 baby teeth without knowing it. i think i could probably safely say that this guy has also swallowed 2 baby teeth, since we have never actually seen any teeth come out. we've only seen the empty gap left by the former occupant. 
*on the way to school this morning*

the first tooth was lost on january 6th sometime between breakfast and 1pm while reagan was at school. i'm assuming lunch was the culprit. i noticed the gap in his mouth whilst i was filling up at the gas station on the way to a doctor's appointment. i had to reassure him that the tooth fairy will still come without a tooth under the pillow as long as we write a nice, legible note explaining what happened(and legible is rather subjective at our house as thomas has the scrawl of a serial killer and my handwriting looks like wet spaghetti noodles). so, today after school we get to write another nice, legible note about losing a tooth. the tooth was in his mouth last night at bedtime. both thomas and reagan took turns trying to wiggle it out and i hid my face in my shirt trying to not throw up because loose teeth are SO gross. this morning during breakfast i noticed it was gone. so i'm off to get some nice shiny quarters so the tooth fairy can fulfill her duties. 


Jess said...

The first tooth that any of my children lost was never found. I'm pretty sure it got swallowed with an apple.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Wet spaghetti noodles sums up your handwriting PERFECTLY! Wow, I wonder why I never made that correlation before now? Regardless, congrats to Mr. R for losing his teeth. What does your tooth fairy pay for the pearly whites?