Wednesday, February 29, 2012

nesting: population me

in the past week i have been on the pregnancy crack also known as nesting. normally, i have the ability to drag out a home improvement that would take a normal person several hours or a full day into a multiple week long project. it's a talent. i'm like the last 10 minutes of a basketball game: my projects tend to stretch into a 2nd week. 
not recently. 
in the last week i have:

1. sanded and repainted scarlett's dresser.

2. hacked up and removed 3 shrubs.

3. weeded and trimmed the rest of the bushes in the front yard.

3. put down 10 bags of mulch. i still need about 10 more. thomas stacked all the bags in the garage so all i have to do is nudge the bag with my hip onto my dolly so i can wheel them around the yard without really even exerting myself. 

4. painted baby X's room. when i painted scarlett's room it took me nearly a month. this room took me only 4 hours. if i could bottle up my hormones and sell them on the black market i totally would. i even have plans to paint another room next week. 

5. made a skirt for scarlett out of some fabric scraps. sure, it's at about the skill level of a trained monkey, but i made it and used MATCHING THREAD(which is unheard of), my seam gauge to make sure my hem was even all the way around, a measuring tape for measuring and an iron to make it look nice. next thing you know i'll have an etsy shop. or not. 


lrbodine said...

And I was feeling good about cleaning out all my kitchen cupboards and organizing them this week. I need some of your nesting energy!

Carie said...

Sha-zam! you are a machine.

Emily Curfew said...

i covet your beautiful white house. love that dark grey! looks just like that photo you posted from littler green notebook. i cant wait to see more photos of baby x's room with STUFF in it. :-)

Jessica said...

dang girl! everything looks awesome. i seriously love the grey in baby x's room. what brand/color name did you end up going with? and that skirt for scarlett is so cute. and last but not least, you may have inspired me to kick it into gear and start spring-cleaning our yard.

Meredith said...

You rock!

Also, have you disappeared off of Facebook???

Jess said...

loving that chevron skirt! dang, I need to get pregnant again!