Tuesday, January 31, 2012

highlights and lowlights and all manner of ights

january! a month of wonders and blunders! and gratuitous exclamation points!!!

i parked in front of this sign and then walked very slowly across the crosswalk at a diagonal, thus holding up traffic for at least an extra 45 seconds. just because i can. definite highlight.

we had a delightful pizza hut book it! lunch with these two monsters. i am old enough to have kids who can participate in the book it! program=lowlight. book it! reading program and free pizza=highlight!

this girl stopped sucking her thumb so she qualified for an all expenses paid trip to the children's museum, after a visit to our local voting precinct to vote in the south carolina primary. definite highlights. 

scarlett was especially pumped about going grocery shopping in the miniature grocery store. i was very tempted to try and make her lift me up and squeeze me into the too small baby seat; i wanted touch and  push back every can on the shelf, hang off the side of her miniature cart and put my feet down in front of the wheels at inopportune times and then act shocked when my toes get rolled over and then just for fun, run around like a crazy and then stand in front of other people's carts when they are trying to shop in peace, just to make it a more realistic grocery store experience.

children's museum=highlight
having to pay $20 for adult passes to the children's museum when we really just want to sit on benches and give the stink eye to mean kids=lowlight
 sitting on benches should be free!

making a homemade lemon curd cake with scarlett=highlight
(why yes! i do have a degree in home economics. it doesn't guarantee pretty cakes.)

having the poor cake turn out this ugly=lowlight
that lemon curd was supposed to stay on the middle layer of cake.

we've had my provolone layered lasange 3 times in the last week=highlight
baby X is a fan!

the end of an era. thomas sold his truck=lowlight
i thought we would both die in that truck when we were old and our hair matched the two tone paint job. i must admit i was sad to see it pull away. but it will live on with someone who was REALLY excited about getting it. oddly excited new owner=highlight

scarlett figuring out how to play wii tennis against herself after reagan quit mid-game=highlight

70 degree weather in january=highlight
having a landscaper come in a remove 2 gigantic flatbed loads of leaves=crazy awesome highlight

now we only have to worry about this:


Wendy said...

I hope you don't think I am a weirdo but I have been reading your blog for a long time now probably at least a year and a half. I have never left a comment but I have your blog on my favorites list. I found your blog through a friend of a friend's sidebar. I have to tell you that you crack me up! Keep up the good work. I need a good laugh every now and again.

Jess said...

LOL!!! The last pic is classic! This whole post just made me so happy.

The High Family- said...

You are such a cool mom. Always doing fun things with your kiddos. Hope you are feeling well.i love the prego mom parking spots too. And no, I'm not prego.