Sunday, January 15, 2012

the week that just wouldn't quit

this was the week that just wouldn't quit. there were highs and there were lows and my poor pregnant brain had trouble processing all of them. today i actually wore my pants inside out for most of the afternoon until i realized my mistake. i like one exciting event per week with a whole lot of monotony and laundry folding filling the other days.

monday- the national championship. some said the game was boring. i think that's what losers say. 

tuesday- i started watching downton abbey season 1. throw a british accent in it and i'll watch it(with the exception of anything with russell brand in it). it is excellent. and the costumes are brills. ps- i took the quiz and i'm edith. which is wickedly awesome.

wednesday-  the bolt in the tire debacle. i drove over a tractor bolt on the way to pick reagan up from school and that set off a domino effect for terrible. after 4 fun-filled hours the debacle was resolved. word to the wise- if your hubcaps require a special unlocking tool besides a regular tire iron, make sure you actually own said unlocking tool. that will help things immensely. discovering you don't have it while you are on the side of the road definitely complicates the situation and forces you to say several bad words in your head. 

wednesday part b- i'm 24 weeks pregnant. my back pain is ridiculous and half the time i hobble like a 89 year old grandma. my doctor suggested that i carry about a doughnut pillow. awesome.

 friday- by friday i thought i had had enough excitement in my life. and then i got a message from scarlett's school asking if she was coming that day. for some reason i just completely forgot to take her so i had to scramble like loony to get her there only 1 hour late. and that was the nail on the stupid mistakes coffin. 

saturday- we took a road trip to ikea. scarlett got ice cream. reagan got pizza. baby X got a high chair. the playroom got a shelving unit. i got restless legs. thomas got the flu and then had to drive all of us around. bless his heart.


Julie said...

Wow, quite the week! Are you all caught up on season 1 of Downton Abbey? I hope so because I think they are only up until tomorrow!! We should discuss...
I'm sure "4 fun-filled hours" does not do it justice. How horrible! I'm so sorry :(
Back pain already?! You poor thing. You call me if you stuck on the couch and cannot get up :)
Friday I didn't even realize the other schools were out! I thought our preschool followed the Greenville schedule? Weird.
Ikea! Yay, I love that place and need to go again to get some organization done. But it's so far!! I'm a real complainer when it comes to driving long distances with the kids!

Emily Curfew said...

i'm interseted in this downtown abbey show. i keep hearing you and natalie talking about it on you watch it on regular tv, or do you get it through netflix?

kevin21 said...

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K said...

hahahahaha, love your writing!! so witty, and your new logo, omg, hahahahhahah!!!!

your kids are dolls, so cute!!!

Love K

K said...

AWWWW, never mind!!! im just on a different one of your blogs!! haha :)

love K