Sunday, October 31, 2010

things i don't want to forget

SATURDAY! we went to a farm/pumpkin patchery/corn maze. we used porta-potties. and got high on hand sanitizer.
reagan dressed himself for the outing. i don't want to stifle and creative processes. it's a little "mondo" if you ask me.

the kids were fascinated by this little pig. i think they named him schumpy. (we've also had a fish named schumpy. i think it's a family name.) i was overpowered by the little sausage's foul scent. there was no love lost between us.

reagan was the catalyst for the maze visit. he went on a field trip and begged to go again.

the rest of us were less impressed. it just reconfirmed to me what i already knew from my years in college: i would rather eat corn than get lost in it.

and then scarlett entertained us with her "binastics". she's a natural.

MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY! i spent every free minute sewing scarlett's halloween costume. i skipped workouts. i bargained with myself. if i got through the zipper i could go to the bathroom. if i finished the hem i could get a drink. i was hard core. i became personally acquainted with my seam ripper like never before. and then she REFUSED to wear it. REFUSED! she wanted to be a princess(which i have issues with but that's another post for another day) and i wanted her to be scarlett o'hara like in years past. it was a battle of iron wills. i had hoped i could at least wield a little more control of her halloween decisions for a few more years, but i was wrong. so wrong. and now my world is completely falling apart.

scarlett decided to be completely unreasonable and get all sick and fussy and not wear ANY kind of costume, princess or not, at our church halloween party.

so scarlett and i went home after about 20 minutes of no fun and crybabying and i pouted and crybabied and watched degrassi: the next generation until the boys got home.

sulking is sometimes the best medicine. i highly recommend it. in full flapper make-up and fishnets.

THURSDAY! my mom flew into town for a fun halloweekend.

the weather was perfect and fun was had by all.

***click on this picture!

my favorite part of our nature walk was scarlett losing her cool with her stroller and her baby flying out and skidding in the dirt toward the water. because who has been there? don't be ashamed.

i had to teach the kidlets the finer parts of local duck and goose behavior management. when they get too close and nip your fingers, you've got to give them a little of their own action.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY! grandma and the kidlets and me all piled in the car and took a short trip to north carolina to visit my uncle sherman and familia. unfortunately, the only picture we took was of this giant peach in gaffney, south carolina. but it's pretty cool if you love giant peaches.

SUNDAY! we took family pictures after church. this is an outtake. they were about 99% outtakes. but my shoes look killer. there was lots and lots of staring into the sun, and the shade not cooperating and booger picking and weird-looking, borderline inappropriate hand gestures. so we get to try again. which is awesome! because only one out of the four people in the picture loves getting her picture taken.

and then afterward, we sadly had to take grandma back to the airport. some of us took it better than others.

scarlett and a bucket full of nerds. which also describes my college dating track record! cha-ching!

reagan was more than a little torn up about it. he tried to block the front door and announced that he was done living with us and was moving back to missouri. and part of me silently agreed.

happy halloweiner!


Jenna said...

Whew! What a fun & busy week. Reading your blog makes me smile every single time.

Ryan and Julianne said...

Terrific! And, if it makes you feel better, but it probably won't, we didn't even do ANYTHING for Halloween this year. I decorated for the ward party, but left Sam and Ryan at home to party with popsicles and suckers. It's my "freebie" year, I decided, b/c Sam doesn't know he should be going crazy for candy right now. And I was highly unmotivated to do anything. I commend you for sewing a Scarlett dress, esp. for putting in a zipper. Me no likey sewing.

Speaking of...well, nothing, actually...October is over and Christine and David told me she was due in October. I'm highly distressed that I've had no emails to inform me of the situation. Would you or your sister please send me something of baby-land news??

Jessica said...

oh my gosh, your shoes totally look killer, and you look absolutely gorgeous in the family photos! i LOVE scarlett's cardigan in the shot as well. well done, heidi, well done.

and funniest line of the post? your college dating track record being likened to a bucket full of nerds. hahahahaha. i think of you every halloween. hope you had a happy one!

Emily Curfew said...

i am devastated for you that scarlett wouldn't put on her o'hara costume. SOOOO SOOOORRRY!!!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

So what exactly was Thomas's costume? Mark Richt? Offensive Coordinator for UGA? Huge fan? Mike Bobo? What Kirby Smart would look like in UGA gear?

Bucket full of nerds! Hahahahaha. I think it's a toss up between Joseph and ... actually, I think Joseph WAS the biggest nerd. He wins! Maybe you could send him a prize?

HJolley said...

The stroller was my favorite part. HAHA. Also, I would want to go with mom too. She's so the best.

Jessica said...

That's mostly my whole life, past or present, except the part where I make any costume whatsoever.

The High Family- said...

I love your shoes, the tall boots though called my name. I live in Idaho, I can never have enough boots! So impressed with the costume making! Sorry didn't work out as planned. Sometimes I think my children purposely do the opposite of what I want them to do. Guess it's payback for the times my mom wanted to strangle me.

Riana Jevne said...

Heidi, your blogging abilities are striking to say the least. I love it… outlandish and uncensored, the most riotous entertainment I can get in Rexburg via the Web, campus filtered of course. My sanity thanks you. You have me rolling out of my chair, then in tears though the tender moments, and then exclusively laughing some more.
As a new follower, I recently took a stroll through ‘a little place called awesome’, yes—all five years.. I paid special attention to “things I like about marky mark” see entry ebony and ivory March 20. I’m afraid it didn’t quite do him justice and would like to see the list of 8 expanded. I’m sure you and I could come up with some additional gems with little effort. Or I would be more than happy to convey if you’re accepting freelance contributions in the near future. In the meantime, please keep up the superb imagery and wordsmything. You are an inspiration to bloggers and non-bloggers alike everywhere!

Riana, Your Rexburg Faithful Follower

Caroline said...

I can not believe you had to leave the Halloween party early! Don't your kids know that Halloween is your favorite holiday? Fabulous costume!

Caroline said...

oh and love the picture of the giant peach and how you can see a glimpse of his hemorroid!
Love the beautiful family picture-what are those ties made of?