Sunday, October 24, 2010

your move, martha

on occasion i've been known to shuffle off my witchy wet blanket coil and muster up some fun for the kids. it's a nice break from all the yelling and screaming. sometimes our house is not too far removed from a latin american game show. i wish i could claim that we are all screaming for ice cream. (but deep down isn't that what we are all screaming for?)
i am pretty much terrible at all crafts and things of a "making/creative nature". and if we are being honest, i struggle with a good portion of domesticity. except for ironing, i'm pretty darn good at ironing. and pre-heating. did you know i have a degree in home economics? and 4 years of french, c'est vrai. i digress. i am forced to enchant my children with mostly nearly already completed store bought crafts. like this gem of a haunted halloween house. it's become our $9 halloween commercialized tradition.
i thoroughly studied the directions before embarking on this venture(searching in vain for the toxic lead product caution), and i still screwed up the frosting measurements. so my countertops and forearms are stained orange and purple. which isn't half bad, if you like the internal bleeding kind of look.

when i was finally stopped messing it up all by myself, i allowed the kids to take a crack at it. no animals were injured in the making of this unsightly craft. but more than 5 dish towels bravely sacrificed themselves in the clean up.

ignorance is bliss when you are young. somedays these kids are going to go to a hobby lobby or a michaels and see that knick knacks don't have to look like they fell off the back of a turnip truck. but until that day, it's your move, martha!


Julia said...

"I struggle with a good portion of domesticity. except for ironing, I'm pretty darn good at ironing. and pre-heating." Haha. LOVE it!

Caroline said...

Well you can't be great at everything! HAHA! I Love the look on Scarlett's face!

lrbodine said...

You're one up on me.... I don't even do the ironing! LOL.

HJolley said...

you are so funny. i hate crafts. a lot. i'm no good at them. and i would rather read a good book. NOW who do i sound like?

Rocketgirl said...

The home economics degree came out of left field for me. I don't know what I was picturing, but that wasn't on the list. And I think I'm your craft-twin. Oh, I love to look at 'em, can't ever do 'em justice.