Wednesday, October 27, 2010

mischief managed

when left to her own devices, scarlett is usually brewing trouble. sometimes i try and sneak up on her to catch her in the act. i was hiding on the stairs and spied this scene:

scarlett sneaking into thomas' office.

i cracked open the door and i happened upon this:

scarlett reading a talking cliff clavin greeting card:

i got this card as a freebee in a running swag bag. it has provided hours of entertainment. scarlett can repeat it verbatim:

cliff- "when the british ruled the punjab, they drank steaming hot pots of tea on the hottest days of the year to balance out their inside and outside body temperatures. see, drinking an ice cold drink on a cold drink actually results in a more comfortable body temperature."
diane- "so why do you drink cold beer on a hot day?"
cliff- "what else are you going to do with it?"
HAHAHAHAHAHA(laugh track)

the funniest part is when she laughs along with the laugh track. hahahahaha with a breathy old man voice.

reading her big, ugly baby to sleep.
which is the really funny part. scarlett is such a gentle, maternal little mama. i am baffled about where she gets it. she gets really upset if i toss her baby around or drop her on her head.


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Is that a Harry Potter reference in your title? Color me impressed!

Thomas said...

Yeah, where did you come up with the idea for that title? Must have been from some place (or someone) genius.

Sarah said...

i would pay good money to hear her recite that, especially the man voice laugh!

Jessica said...

hahaha. she is so funny. i love that she is so motherly. what a cutie pie.