Thursday, November 11, 2010

gratitude raditude

things to be thankful for:

*75 degree days in november. training wheel biking has been great. running has been great. south carolina is beautiful. and nobody has to mow the lawn until spring.
*veteran's day. it's one of my favorite holidays in existence. even without presents. but i have no objections to incorporating gift giving into remembering and honoring our veterans.

*phineas and ferb. most kids shows are strictly learning or strictly lame. sometimes both. the kids love phineas and ferb and i always find myself laughing at professor doofenshmirtz. i love a good subtle pop culture reference mixed with inane hilarity.

*my sense of humor. if weren't laughing all the time, i would probably being crying all the time. those are my two main settings.

*great kids who still love me, even when i am the queen of nightmares. inability to deal with messes and clutter and whining is my 3rd setting.

*functioning vehicles. however, by mentioning that i am grateful for their ability to operate properly, i am jinxing myself. this is where my sense of humor comes into play.


許百美 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Todd said...

Yeah. I agree with 許百美. Is VERY Good. We miss your kids.

Ashley said...

Whining might be my first setting. Last night, Collin said, "Why can't you be happy?" And I said, "God didn't create me to be happy. He said 'that all men might have joy except for Ashley'." :)

Kelsey Mack said...

Hi Heidi! Come see my blog! I love you!