Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mucho de nada

a few more thanksgiving thankfuls

1. thankful for my aunt susan for hosting my little family for dinner. sorry britney spears, i have a new motherhood muse. i was so inspired by her organized house, well-behaved children, delicious food and spiritual atmosphere that i am definitely rethinking a few things. like perhaps piles of junk really isn't a decorating statement.

 2. thankful for running a 5k with my cousin cami, who has mastered adorable at 15. at 15, i had mastered awkward and frizzy.
plus, only one of us threw up during the race.

3. thankful that people still wanted to eat my atrocious red brownie velvet cake. it's hard to impress people when your signature dessert looks like a hot mess:

4. thankful that dirty ron's serves bacon on their breakfast menu. i'm more of a dry hot cake girl myself.
but we've got a couple of bacon fans.

5. thankful for lovely saturday weather, public parks, paved running trails and signs that point you the right direction when you run aimlessly and get lost. and who could forget to be thankful for a foot that keeps falling asleep while running after i thought i had finally resolved that problem. (not really thankful for that last part.)

6. thankful for our ugly gingerbread house tradition. and thankful that at least one of our football teams won their rivalry game. i have no more words about that.

7. thankful for nice kids who get along and quietly play computer games while i roll back and forth on the floor stewing and pouting about the alabama/auburn game. and about the complete farce of a blown call during the byu/utah debacle.


Julianne said...

During my first half-marathon my right foot was asleep the first SEVEN miles. Totally ridiculous, and I still haven't figured that one out. During the next 1/2 marathon, it was only asleep the first 4 miles. So...maybe...it gets better! s

I want more pictures of that Baby Beck boy.

And back to running...I haven't run in over 4 months. You should try it sometime. Really makes a person feel good.

HJolley said...

That all looks like so much fun! I have never had your red velvet brownie dessert btw. Is it cream cheese frosting?

Jeppson Clan said...

I think about you EVERY day. EVERY day. I miss you and that divine dessert! I've been missing lots of desserts lately.

p.s. Your christmas card is addressed and stamped.