Monday, October 05, 2009


last thursday i completed only my second ever homemaking/enrichment night***/relief society meeting craft ever. and it is probably the FIRST craft that i have ever completed that i actually look forward to using again or even just looking at. my crafting skillz could best be described as craptastic and i have a closet bursting with half finished and super ugly crafts and projects. it's like the island of misfits toys, but with a pathetic partially sewn garment bag, unstuffed deflated halloween pumpkins, stacks of partially finished greeting cards that i misspelled things on, hideous glass globe christmas ornaments filled with ribbon(i taught that class), a family home evening board that i made upside down and several incomplete hostess aprons(i also "taught" that class). the only thing i ever successfully completed was this ceramic snowman statue. and the only reason that i have kept it around is because thomas likes it. i have always wanted to take a hammer to it. U-G-L-Y. it ain't got no alibi.

and now i think that i will take a hammer to it.

presenting my completed craft!!! a beaded necklace and bracelet set:

one more time??? okay!
so proud. i think i may try and make some more. just for funnsies. and so that i can see if i can actually finish it on my own. attaching the clasps required a lot of attention from someone who knew what they were doing. and that person was not me.
ps- i hadn't showered in these photos. so greasy good.

***am i the only one who will miss that name enrichment night??? i loved the sound of that. even if the only enriching that i got was from chitchatting with friends and meeting new people and enriching my waistline with goodies.


Emily C said...

bananas for the new bracelet and necklace! p.s. you are so pretty

Becca said...

Before I read your comment on showering, I was thinking, "Man, Heidi looks hot in those pictures."

Meredith said...

It's not going to be called enrichment anymore? Weird.

Love the jewelery!

Sarah Beck said...

nice job Heidi! maybe you can get your closet of half-finished items, and I could get my closet full of half-finished items, and maybe something in there would make a whole :)

Paula said...

Nice craftiness Heidi. I am not crafty either but it doesn't stop me from trying to develop it as a talent. I too will miss calling it enrichment-a relief society meeting seems confusing and boring to me but whatever.